On The Moors

The Outreach Project

On The Moors


15th February 2013

I introduced you to these young men sometime last year when they were good enough to send me their music and also agreed to let the utterly groovy Kill Pretty and Kill for Company play for them at their charity event in Manchester last summer.

They are four chaps in their late teens from Manchester whose musical ability and song-writing craft belies their youthfulness. James Ward-Mallinson is the lead singer and plays Rhythm Guitar, Kieran Abbey plays Lead Guitar and provides  Backing Vocals, Louie Donnelly plays the  Bass and also backing Vocals and Jack Scraggs is the chap on the  drumkit and provides lead Backing Vocals.

They have put together this EP at The Stable Studios in Saddleworth (run by those nice chaps from Kingdom Lost). It contains four new tunes (Twisted Persona and Brien being their first album – but these are re-imaginings of said tracks I think…..?).

The opening “Intro” (natch) is a speedy flurry of four to floor drums grungy guitars and wah-wah but is all too short for my liking – I would have liked another a minute of it! The first song proper “Conscience” is a bouncy little thing with a sort of slacker ethos and jack-hammer chords with an insouciant vocal, an off kilter bass break and a very catchy verse/chorus structure. Third in, “Monte Carlo”, shows the other side of the bands work with a lighter indie sound but with their  trademark repeated phrases – i’m not sure rhyming Carlo with shallow quite works in my head but the silky guitar strumming makes the tune work well overall.

Outreach Project

The known tracks were the best two on the first album so I will say nothing more than these pieces show the band at their best – Twisted Persona and Brien – are well written and well recorded . Brien particularly with its slow start and then build into high tempo power pop is a signature tune for the band.

The closing “She’s In Control” is probably the most positive thing on my album from my perspective in that shows a development in the writing.

There were parts of the EP where I felt that the production and song structures could have been tightened up a little they were only minor little things that needed some attention – overall the enthusiasm and drive of the band comes through well and the development in their song writing in the last six months has been very positive.

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