Aural Delights #12 -16th January 2013

The usual mix of new music and one or two classics….very pleased to be able to feature the new album from Grouper, and the new EP from The Outreach Project…..again pure music and no warbling from me as I am somewhat tied up with one or two little ventures…..listen here

  1. Mmoss – Spoiled Sun – Only Children : Lo-fi psychedelia from New Hampshire,   founded by guitarist Douglas Tuttle and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Neveu, Other members of the band are bassist Justin Dearmitt and drummer Aaron Neveu. This is from their second album which is rather fine indeed. Their debut “i” is available from Bandcamp with the name your own price option.
  2. Suzie Chunk – For The Millionth Time – Girl From The Neck Down : Cardiff based singer who appears to have been in a ton of bands…..nice Northern Soul feel to this one I thought…..
  3. The Deadline Shakes – Sweeten The Deal : the first of three tunes on the podcast from this band who comprise  Greg Dingwall and Iain McKinstry – guitars and singing; Martin McLeod  bass guitar and Thomas Booth  drums. They are on the rather marvellous “Flowers In The Dustbin” record lable.
  4. Family – Drowned In Wine – A Song For Me : there’s a £125 everything they ever did collection on sale soon which I am tempted by but I think common sense will prevail and I will rely on what I have already – the classic 1970 album which, somewhat perversel, I missed back then. Roger Chapman is a unique talent vocally who didn’t the kudos he deserved in this country but in contrast  is a huge star in Germany.
  5. Speck Mountain – Shame On The Soul – Some Sweet Relief : ambient soul from Marie-Claire Balabanian and Karl Briedrick from their second album – which reminds me I must track down the new one.
  6. The Outreach Project – Conscience – from the forthcoming EP which was recorded by the Kingdom Lost chaps up on’t moors – hence the title “On The Moors”. It will be out in February via Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc.
  7. The Phantom Family Halo  – Walk Don’t Run – from last years November release “Francis Jewel Don’t Be Afraid Of The Jungle”  – mind you trying to work out their discography is a a bit a of a brain teaser – anyway you can get this one from Bandcamp.
  8. Honeycomb Bones – Illuminator – as played previously…….impressive duo
  9. Moff Skellington – A place I once called home : from the new album “The Guild of Distant Relatives” 
  10. Grouper – STS – 2013 marks the 20th anniversary for record label Kranky, and having already kicked off the year with a brand new album from Ethernet and reissuing the long out of print album The Ballasted Orchestra by Stars Of The Lid, there are some very intriguing things in the pipeline including a brand new Benoit Pioulard album in March, and before that, an unearthed album by GrouperThe Man Who Died in His Boat is an album of unreleased songs , recorded alongside the Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill album. It will be released on 4 February in the UK. I’ve been a fan of Liz Harris’s work for a while and this one is simply beautiful.  Describing the album she says ……….  “When I was a teenager the wreckage of a sailboat washed up on the shore of Agate Beach. The remains of the vessel weren’t removed for several days. I walked down with my father to peer inside the boat cabin. Maps, coffee cups and clothing were strewn around inside. 
    I remember looking only briefly, wilted by the feeling that I was violating some remnant of this man’s presence by witnessing the evidence of its failure. Later I read a story about him in the paper. It was impossible to know what had happened. The boat had never crashed or capsized. He had simply slipped off somehow, and the boat, like a riderless horse, eventually came back home.
  11. The Loose Hearts – Yeah – from the excellent new album “How Are We Now” which I have been featuring regularly……you can catch them at The Roadhouse, Manchester on 24th January.
  12. Danny Short – Leave You Behind – from the new album “Sunset Kicks In” – check out his stuff on I-Tunes and Bandcamp where Dan has just put up a mono version of the album which has different mixes and is a bit more raw – he says.
  13. Genesis – The Knife – Danny is a big Genesis fan, which gave me food for thought , so here is a slice of the original line-up from the Trespass Album.
  14. Monkeys In Love – Wave Of Doom – new album coming soon – this is from the excellent “Death Jeans” which you can get from their website.
  15. Monster Island – Citizen Spy – from the new album “The Retaining Wall” which is bloomin’ marvellous….
  16. Friends of Emmet – Coming Apart – Irish/American band with album due soon…..
  17. System of Hate – Dark Winged Immortal – as previously featured – Barnsleys finest purveyors of punk
  18. Exchange – Active (Captain Black Remix) – Mr Stephens and Mr Powell get the treatment from the good Captain……
  19. Positronik – Know My Place (Passage of Time Big Dub Remix) – talking of remixes Mr Montague, Ms Carter and Mr Black get fettled by those doyens of electronic manipulation  Passage of Time….
  20. The Deadline Shakes – Don’t You Be Too Cool – another tune from this excellent band….
  21. Magnetic Island – When Will I – the band is on a bit of a hiatus for the moment for personal reasons – they have  just put this out as a new pay-what-you-want (including nothing!) single up on Bandcamp. They say ” It goes out to everyone who’s had to deal with the heartache of a forced separation. You can stream it here:
  22. Total Victory – National Service – the title track from the excellent second album – get it here
  23. The Happy Fallen – Asylum (Nosferatu Mix) – the extrenely groovy Mr James in vampiric mood…..
  24. Hunks – Biscuit One – as previously featured Mr Emmison and Mr Beckwith on a new project – watch this space for more info…..
  25. Grouper – The Man Who Died On His Boat – the title track from the excellent new album
  26. The Outreach Project – She’s In Control – another tune from “On The Moors” – apparently Rio Ferdinand has a restaurant – you learn something new every day, don’t you?
  27. Comprise Romise – Short Straw – a 4 piece Alternative/Grunge band from the North west of England who mix good music with energetic live performances. They have a five track EP called “Live Astray” coming out on January 28th which will be available for £1.99 from their website at (currently under construction) or at gigs.  
  28. Skeleton Suite – Transfer – from the new EP – this lot appear to be popular amongst the Salford musical fraternity…..
  29. Paranoid Visions – Poles Apart – the third tracks from the recent single on Louder Than War via Southern Records
  30. Friends of Emmet – Hero – another track from them….
  31. Grouper – Cover The Long Way – and another track from the excellent album
  32. Honeycomb Bones – Devil In The Detail – and another track from them
  33. Sungod – The Infinite Regress – Braden Balentine and Mike Sharp from the new album “Crush Galactic” which is damn fine say I!
  34. Grace – Stealing Kisses – played this before, they are no longer Grace they are…..
  35. Carousels and Limousines – Seventeens – a four piece from Bath
  36. The Deadline Shakes – Boy – the most recent release from this fine band….
  37. Hunks – Retarded One – another one from Wes and Rob
  38. Magnetic Island – Cuernos – they released a singles compilation in late December called “I Don’t Hear a Hit – The Singles, Vol. 1,” which is also available pay-what-you-want and includes two songs they finished in the autumn,  this one”Cuernos” and “Silence”:
  39. Deep Space Cowboys – Enough – formed in 2011 as a studio project of Producer/Singer-songwriter Pete da Silva, designed to “write all the songs he wished he could hear.”  In 2012 after the release of “Your Mind Is Your Sound” EP, Pete decided to add 3 new members to form a live act. Members Dave, Aaron, and Sina joined the group. You can get the EP from Bandcamp on pay what you want.
  40. Kill For Company – Alternative to Living – Their brand new 2nd EP, ‘Alternatives to Living’ will be released alongside an accompanying music video on RECORD DAY 20th April this year. Additionally, a run of limited edition 7″ Vinyl will be released in conjunction. The title track – obviously…..
  41. Camera – Soldat – a current krautrock outfit, apparently known  for performing impromptu shows in public locations,   this is from their debut album “Radiate!” from 2012. A 3-piece based in Berlin, they are modern-day upholders of the krautrock aesthetic, heavily influenced by both Neu! and Harmonia especially. And talking of krautrock…..
  42. Can – Father Cannot Yell – classic track from “Monster Movie”…..and by no small coincidence
  43. The Fall – Fantastic Life…..the classic b-side to “Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul”


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