Aural Delights Podcast #13

A mixed bag this week ….. mostly new and quite a few local things or with local connections – also a tribute to Nic Potter, former bass player with Van Der Graaf Generator, who also had a successful solo career, who passed away last week ……as usual you can listen to it here


  • Kill Pretty – Tic Toc – a work in progress, fresh from the studio. Moss, Dutton, Dutton and a drum machine in this instance as Mr Leigh was working away. An indication of a new direction for the group I think……and don’t forget the new album and single are available from All The Madmen.
  • The Relays Stealing The Words – from their “Blaze In The Sun” release. I asked for a bio and they sent me this……” The Relays, from Greater Manchester are entering the second year of their short life. In 12 months they’ve built a strong fan base and performed across the country. They’ve also been active in the UK festival scene having played Haigh Festival to 5000 people and various other small festivals throughout England. The five piece have moulded their influences of indie, rock and dance into their own exciting sound backed with a bouncing live act and a short demo produced by John Kettle (Tansads / Merry Hell) at Jaraf House Studios. 2013 looks to be an exciting year for the newfangled quintet.” Can’t disagree with that – very impressed with their unique feel and melodic approach tied in with anthemic indie sound. Adam Redmond has a unique voice and this raises them above the general morasse of indieness out there. I have a number of their tunes so will be featuring them over the next few weeks or so.
  • Nudybronque – Allsorts – “Nudybronque are an Indie Pop band based in the heart of Wiltshire. The band blends Modern Indie with elements of 70’s Punk and Pure Pop Music to deliver a surprisingly fresh sound. Following their self titled debut, their second EP “Bottled Blonde” was released in April 2012 and was greeted with glowing reviews. The past year has seen Nudybronque gain substantial radio airplay nationwide including the legendary Radio Caroline where Ray Copeland proclaimed they were “The freshest infusion of sound you’ll hear this year”. They also played a live session on BBC Wiltshire Introducing and were featured twice on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Mixtape and Saturday night Introducing show.”  Indeed – and this is a very good tune, I like good tunes. 

Hyde 2 18

  • Velocets – Tell It To Your Kids – from the EP – on at Kraak in Manchester this Friday with chums Mama Roux and others- very good live and just happen to be the subject of my column in this weeks Salford Advertiser……
  • The Fores – Find Your Freedom – from Leicester – recently won “Best Newcomers 2012″ at The Download Awards in  London… and also performed at the 2012 National Reality TV Awards in London….I sense a touch of Springsteen influence in here…..big songs delivered with some chutzpah……Mr Gilberg has booked them for the Ducie Bridge on April 27th so you can get to see them live in Manchester……
  • Kill for Company – Black and White – from the forthcoming EP (there’s a vid-chip elsewhere on here should you wish to avail yourself of it) …… the Launch party date has changed to Friday the 26th April, but is still at The Deaf Institute Manchester.
  • The Loose Hearts – Never Let Go – another one from the fabulous album “How We Are Now” – they are launching it at Zanzibar in that Liverpool Tuesday 29th. 
  • Blue Orchids – Black Peg’s Son – from Mystic Bud as revived by Factory Star in the early days but seems to have dropped off the set list of late. Given Mr B appears to be stuck in a snow drift in some rural idyll I hope this warms him up a tad.
  • Kit B – Sleazy Street Scene – they have just been joined by young Mr Powell of Exchange on keyboards – I shall be talking with the bass player chappie next week when we go and see Exchange so I will find out whether a live appearance by Kit B is in the offing….this is an older song I think.
  • Total Victory – Reverse Formation – another excellent track from the recent album “National Service”.
  • Comprise Romise – Growing Pains – I think is going to be the single……
  • Tall for Jockeys – Summer – from Warrington they came…..a new tune from the chaps….you can get it from Bandcamp…..
  • The Eccentronic Research Council – Another Witch is Dead – was supposed to go an see these last Saturday but fates conspired against me, first hand reports and You Tube captures indicate I missed a bit of a blinder …. as usual Mr Flanagan’s unerring eye for melody comes to the fore….from the “1612 Underture” album which I recommend highly to you….

JK 071212 Crescent

  • Johann Kloos – The Constabulary Ducks –  “Tune inspired by a sound collage by artists Ian Breakwell and Ian McQueen entitled “Circus,” featured in Audio Arts Magazine 1980. “Parts of this have been used to my own ends” he says. Bloody marvellous say I – thanks Johann.
  • Dirty Freud – Whizzing Through Time And Space –  new single out on 1st of February…..DF is fresh from supporting DJ Yoda after his Chop Suey album tour around the UK and other parts of Europe and has just got sponsorship from Dawsons too You will have caught him at Festival 6, Beached Festival, Dottodot Festival, EuroCultured, Lovesick Festival and Camden Crawl so far. He is eager to spread his music as well as continuing a great atmosphere for all festival goers. Manc types can catch him at  venues include Sankeys, Fac251, Font, Ram and Shackle, Wahl Bar, Venue, Gullivers, Dry Bar and Joshua Brooks …..which coincidently just got nominated for best Small venue for DJ nights by DJ Mag. A fresh approach to sound which reminded me of Cabaret Voltaire in parts.
  • Little Shoes – Natures Humid Nightie – early Moff inspecting undergarments- from the “Ambushed By A Vacuum” album…….
  • Sinister Chuckles – I Wanna Be Batman -from the new album “Slutch”……
  • Lobe – Honeybee – featuring Mr Benson of Sandells on drums a tasty piece of Mancunian Musical History. Pure Garage-psyche  recorded at Jerusalem (it says here), 1994, released an EP in 1995 on the “When Cotton Was King”  on the Dipsomania label. On this recording Lobe were: Robert “Norman” Knight-guitar and vox, Pete Awad – bass, Gus Leudar -synths and the aforementioned Brian Benson  – drums.
  • Hunks – C# – from the recent work of Mr Wesley Emmison.
  • The Ligaments – Gravity Wheel – proof positive that the musical gene is firmly embedded in the DNA of the Maxwell family. Bongo’s bairn Jake from the new EP which emerges into the world in all it’s glory on 31st January.
  • The Common Tongues – Solitary Thinker – Hailing from the shores of Brighton in the UK, Common Tongues were formed in 2010 by childhood friends growing up together in Cambridge, Tom Anderson and Oli Hinkins. The band combine their love of tender and emotive song writing with a passion for experimentation and atmospherics. They mix an attention to memorable yet complex melodies with the percussive explosions of Efterklang and Local Natives. They also cite Yann Tiersen, Villagers, Radiohead and Brian Wilson as inspiration. This is the new single out on February 25th.
  • The Relays – You Invented Horror
  • The Marivaux – Track Record – Manchester band The Marivaux are: Phil McAdam, Matt Shields, Rik Packer and Ben Peacock. From their new “All In Good Time” E.P which was produced by ex-Oceansize bassist Jon Ellis.
  • Van Der Graaf  – Lizard Play – the first track to commemorate the passing of Nic Potter….from “The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome” album when the “Generator” bit of the name was dropped…..Nic returned for this album after a long gap…..
  • Peter Hammill – A Kick To Kill The Kiss – from the 1993 Album “The Noise” with Nic Potter on bass……
  • Ill – Breasts – currently causing a bit of a buzz on the Manchester “scene”…..whatever that may be …… a slice of agit-pop for your consideration…..
  • The Procession – Call You – Midlands based, 4-piece, alternative indie-rock band who release this their second single on the 25th February 2013. ‘Call You’ is taken from their debut album, ‘You Are Now Leaving The Future’ and features guest vocalist Emma Redhead
  • Teni – Your Love And The Key – I shall be featuring this artist a little more on the jazz show however she is so good I thought we could mix her in here as well. Describing her music as ‘afrosoul’, Teni combines her love of jazz and soul with afrobeat. New single ‘Afrodisiac’  out on 22nd January highlights her sound and has led to comparisons with Sade. She is of Nigerian origin and spent ten years living in Lagos where she got the chance to perform on occasions with Seun Kuti and Egypt 80.  
  • The Re-Stoned – Aura – some stoner pysch from Moscow from last years Re-Sessions release. Must track down the new album “Plasma”
  • MilkPunx – Nevertheless – they say “A dangerously funky unit from the North West; from “loungecore jazzabilly” to psychedelic rock by way of the deep dark heart of the blues; we’ve been a concern for two and half years, many changes of personnel and instrumentation – but always with a mission: fusion, and the development of personal growth characteristics.” A glorious life affirming racket say I!
  • The Fores – Tough Guys
  • Sinister Chuckles – Dorian Grey
  • Velocets – Naked
  • Moff Skellington – Pink As New Mice – from the new album which you can get from Bandcamp……If you have not downloaded it yet shame on you!!!
  • Dirty Freud – Braggin’ Rights – this will be the next single…….
  • The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton – that would be Denton, Texas, rather than Denton, East Manchester I assume although I guess parallels can be drawn in respect of the subject matter. From John Darnielle’s early work “All Hail West Texas”…..well worth exploring his back catalogue, some interesting things going on.
  • Danny Short – From Afar – Dan has just sent me the mono version of the album which I have not had chance to listen to yet – pending that another excellent track from “Sunset Kicks In”
  • Chelsea Wolfe – Demons – Ms Wolfe has a new album soon which is packed  with Rudimentary Peni covers so I shall do a bit of a feature on her next week pending that this is the stand-out track from the “Apokilypsis” album.
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – The Boat of Millions of Years – and to conclude five tracks further  celebrating the work of Nic Potter.. unfortunately I do not have any of his solo work to hand so i’ve picked some of my favourites from his work with Van Der Graaf and Peter Hammill….this first one  was a studio out-take from “The Least We Can Do is Wave to Each Other” album from 1970 which turned up on a number of compilation albums before being included in the 2005 remaster.
  • Peter Hammill – No Moon In The Water – from the 1990 album “Out of Water” – Nic plays bass on this track and one other on this album.
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Refugees – the single version from the aforementioned 1970 session – some of the lyrics of which are notable for having turned up – albeit as the brunt of Mr  Blackwell’s humour – on a Half Man Half Biscuit song……the Suzy mentioned in the song is actress Susan Penhaligon who shared a flat with Peter Hammill at one point. Nic also plays guitar on this album.
  • Peter Hammill – The Great European Department Store – another track from “The Noise”.
  • Van Der Graaf – A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers/The Sleepwalkers – from the “Vital” live album which probably has the biggest Van Der Graaf line ever with six players – Peter Hammill, Nic Potter, Guy Evans, Graham Smith, Charles Dickie, and David  Jackson

 Potter and Hammill

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