Aural Delights Podcast #14 – 31st January 2013

The usual mixture of new music from a broad variety of genres with a handful of classic tracks thrown in for good measure. Highlight of the week is the new album from Tartufi which is pretty damn good and a focus on the excellent Chelsea Wolfe … usual you can listen via Mixcloud here……

  1. Desolation Yes!  – Shivers  – from the new album “Out of Orbit” which is released in March 4th
  2. The Eccentronic Research Council – Autobahn 666 (Travelogue #1) – from the “1612 Underture” album.
  3. Tartufi – Underwater – from the excellent new album “These Factory Days” which is released on March 25th.
  4. The Relays – Epic 45s – another track Greater Manchester’s purveyors of “recession pop”
  5. Kill for Company – Push – from the new EP which is launched at Deaf Institute Manchester on 26th April.
  6. Sky Valley Mistress – Dirty Blonde Blues – a new track from the excellent band from Blackburn.
  7. Call the Doctor – The Otherside – highly feted by the Inkies – from the “Hands Will Shake” album.
  8. Exchange – Pylon – playing in Darwen this very evening ….from the excellent “Systems” debut….
  9. Exchange – Contour – and why not another one…..
  10. Colin Blunstone – Say You Don’t Mind – classic pop from his solo album
  11. The Fatima Mansions – A Pack Of Lies – scabrous polemic from the excellent “Viva Dead Ponies” album
  12. Neil Young – Vampire Blues – from the first album….
  13. Tartufi – Seldom Mastered – another one from the great new release
  14. Dr Tequila – Dr Tequila’s RX for fun – he’s back! To brighten up your January sky!
  15. The Fores – Eye of the Storm – another tune from Leicester finest – see them at Ducie Bridge on April 27th.
  16. Sinister Chuckles – Fed Up – another tune from the memorable “Slutch” and a shout out to Shaun who has jiggered his knee doing the watusi with Luis Drayton allegedly.
  17. Hot Stuff and the Eye Candy – I Don’t Want to Know – excellent electro rock from Glasgow!
  18. Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – Let the Masses Get On With Their Lives – three new tracks from the forthcoming album
  19. Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – It’s Alright We’re In Love
  20. Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – Wear My Head A While
  21. Moff Skellington – Bulking Up On Special Custards – from “The Guild of Distant Relatives” …..
  22. Generation Zero – My Advice – from the “We’re Not Gonna Die” EP
  23. Tartufi – Eaves – and another one from the fantasic album.
  24. The Ligaments – Lungs – another track from the new EP
  25. Hunks – Tired One – and another rehearsal recording from Wes
  26. Damn Vandals – Kings of Never – new single out on March 18th
  27. Boduf Songs – Maggot Ending – from the new album “Burnt Up on Re-Entry” which came out this week.
  28. Chelsea Wolfe – Echo – Prayer for the Unborn – a bit of a focus on Chelsea who releases an album in the Latitudes series this week called  “Prayer for the Unborn” which is a set of “Rudimentary Peni” covers…..and then a quick skip through her releases to date with a closing track from the new one.
  29. Chelsea Wolfe – Moses – The Grime and the Glow
  30. Chelsea Wolfe – Movie Screen – Apokylipsis
  31. Chelsea Wolfe – Sunstorm – Unknown Rooms
  32. Chelsea Wolfe – Prayer for the Unborn – Prayer for the Unborn
  33. Grandloom – Orbit Wobbler – your weekly psych workout from the “Sunburst” album
  34. Nails – Lies – out this week and from the Obscene Humanity single – this is the least extreme of the three tracks…..
  35. Tomahawk – Baby Lets Play – from the “Oddfellows” album which is also out this week….he’s a busy man is Mr Patton
  36. Dr Tequila – Hills of Marin – another preview track from the forthcoming album…Ritchie says he doesn’t think anyone has written a song about Marin before…
  37. Black Prairie – Richard Manuel – from the Decemberists off-shoot album “A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart” – a lovely hommage to the great man from The Band.
  38. The Auras – The Holy Mountain – from the new EP which you can get from Bandcamp….lovely stuff
  39. Hot Stuff and the Eye Candy – Hyper Little Monkey – another track from the excellent band from Glasgow.
  40. Pharoah Overload – Palmyra Cali – Lunar Jetman  – stoner rock from Finland!!!!
Sky Valley Mistress - one of the featured bands on this podcast
Sky Valley Mistress – one of the featured bands on this podcast

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