Aural Delights Podcast #15 – 6th February 2013

The focus is on local talent this time around with an all music mix and no nattering from me…….in between tracks from some recent/future albums from further afield and a selection of classic tracks – the two featured bands are Salford Media City (see this weeks Salford Advertiser for a short article) and Kit B who have gained, of late,  a keyboard player – Mike Powell of Exchange and Lache FM,  and a drummer – Mike Leigh of Kill Pretty and The Blimp.

You can tune in here.………

The tunes that are played are:

  1. Kill Pretty – King Cotton (Manchester)  (demo) 
  2. Periscope – Wow (Radio Mix) (single)
  3. Salford Media City – Doing Stuff Is Fun – @Futureworks (album)
  4. Kit B – Binary (demo)
  5. Sky Valley Mistress – My Time Has Come – The best thing you’ve never heard (EP)
  6. Kill For Company – Not Enough – Alternative To Living (EP)
  7. Ben Whitehead – Run from Rolling Stones  (demo)
  8. Conny Ochs – Borderline – Black Happy (album)
  9. Public Service Broadcasting – New Dimensions In Sound (free download)
  10. Salford Media City – Long Deer Is Awesome (single)
  11. The Ligaments – Carved In Your Bones – The Ligaments (EP)
  12. Bob Mould – Star Machine – Silver Age (album)
  13. Kit B – Disappear Here  (demo)
  14. Moff Skellington – The House That Smells Like My Uncles Car – The Guild of Distant Relatives (album)
  15. Third Ear Band – Prisoner – Roman Polanski’s Macbeth (album)
  16. Borland – Stained Glass – Thrancis (album)
  17. Periscope – Ripped and Torn (demo)
  18. New Order – Temptation – Total : from Joy Division to New Order (album)
  19. Daevid Allen – Stoned Innocent Frankenstien – Banana Moon (album)
  20. Crying Queerwolf – Onnogata – Sewing Circle (EP)
  21. Frank Zappa – I’m The Slime – Overnite Sensation (album)
  22. The Nectarine No 9 – She’s A Nicer Word To Sing – A Sea with 3 stars (album)
  23. Positronik – Know My Place (remix)
  24. Kit B – Dogma I am God (demo)
  25. The Fores – Rolling On Heat (demo)
  26. The Relays – Dead On Arrival – Through the Motions (EP – I think)
  27. Salford Media City – The Life and Death of Peter Sellers -@Futureworks (album)
  28. The Yossarians – Last Train To Nowhere – Jelly Fish Hymns (EP)
  29. Rapid Pig – Super Jura – Wildlife (album)
  30. Kit B – Fear of Flying (demo)


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