Tube Way Charmy……

“Bath’s music production duo ‘The Tracy Boys‘ are working with a variety of virtual actors and musicians to release their infectious brand of intelligent aural pop-art, cunningly inventing the brand new music genre ‘Intellipopart’ in the process”…….it says here….


It goes on to say…..
“The debut single ‘Marylebone’ bounces out through your speakers and gum-balls into your ear canals. Harmonically the track emanates a spirit rising rainbow in your soul which plateaus and nestles gently between your intellect, your inner child and your desire for irresistible groove. Laced with perfectly English eccentricity and highbrow lyrical content, plus a video fronted by the inimitable virtual actor Quentin Locke, ‘Marylebone’ really is something quite out of the ordinary.

Projects planned for 2013 include three collections of catchy, narrative pop songs. ‘Marylebone’ is the first of these, featuring a set of staggered–release songs, and a pair of animated videos; like a book of short stories, each one is page-turning pop. Interspersing the music will be the publication of a short graphic novel codenamed ‘Red’, made available in digital and physical format. There are also preparations for a longer illustrated graphic novel in 2014.

The Tracy Boys anticipate playing live a year from now, with a multimedia fusion of music, art, lyric and rock ‘n’ roll theatricality.”

Make of that what you will – it brightened up a grey and cold morning here in the people’s republic. A laid back feel with an anglo-centric content which reminded me of a number of other things without being too obvious about it. Most enjoyable.

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