Out of the Ordinary…….Sorted!

Brainchild of Ian S. Thompson, Ordinaryson have undergone numerous changes in personnel over the years- settling on their most recent incarnation in 2007.

As the Dr Jekyll to his Mr Hyde, Thompson has appointed Ordinaryson to carry the work of sibling electronic outfit Roy’s Iron DNA into the realms of more traditionalist acoustic rock and roll- all the while still adding new ideas and dimensions.

Recruiting a band of talented players, Ian has returned Ordinaryson to his native hometown of Berwick-upon-Tweed – with a view to carry on the good fight from more familiar territory.

A vigorous traveller, his music is expressive of such a passion – with deep and immersive lyrical content documenting thought processes as vast as worldview, totalitarianism and even alien existence.

Ordinaryson is currently comprised of Ian on lead vocal/guitar, Nick Holmes on lead guitar, Callum Knox behind the kit and a bass player by name of Steven Walker.

I’m a sucker this type of clever guitar pop…….very melodic but with sufficient edge to it to ensure it is interesting.





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