Mind Games…….

I don’t tend to post stuff on both the Salford Music Website and this one as well, as that would be a bit redundant, but given this site gets a lot more people looking at it and I do feel the urge to share some of the excellent Salford based music with you I did feel the urge to let you see this on here, as it is rather spiffing.

I do recall playing a demo version of this on the old radio show some while back and rather enjoying it’s acerbic post–punkery and I have to say it’s kept its flavour well. It is by Emperor Zero who appeared to have strayed from my radar of late. Thanks to the xenochronous surprises that Facebook throws up it has been possible for me to access this.

It is their  second single and was released on 14 February 2013. The song was recorded and produced by Marten Hurley and the video was filmed by Steven Cherry, all at the Führer Bunker.

Available to pre-order now on heavyweight 7” vinyl from the SWAYS store.

This release is dedicated to the playwright Sarah Kane whose 4.48 Psychosis inspired the lyrics to the song.

Here is the audio version with the previous single……

Emperor Zero

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