Post-Punk-Kraut Dub……?


Kone 12″


Release: 16 April 2013

The band is self releasing this three track EP, which features more than 30 minutes of expertly crafted, intense, post-punk leaning  experimental guitar driven sounds.

Abstract and fascinating, Disappears use the 12” format to it’s full potential – and takes chances and gets weird in places. Recorded in Chicago at Minbal and mixed in Dallas by John Congleton the bands music has moved on from the garage-rock/shoegaze of “Guider” and “Pre-Language” to an altogether different place. The line-up currently comprises  Brian Case, Damon Carruesco, Jonathan van Herik, and Noah Leger.


“Kone” starts with the title track, an extended “glid” guitar work-out kicks it off (although it’s “glid” with a more scabrous and unearthly feel than earlier proponents of the technique). A dubby back-beat kicks in after a couple of minutes and the overall feel is hypnotic, unrelenting and all-consuming, especially when the band moves into a riffy dark post-punk/Velvet Underground place with scribbles of very interesting guitar sounds popping in and out every now and then, and a baleful repetitive vocal.

Second track “Kontakt” is very much in the kraut-rock field with a slow motorik martial beat and inter-weaving guitars bedding under intense vocals….reminiscent of Tuxedomoon vocally and Can musically, that’s until a mysterious surf-guitar appears about three minutes in, to great effect I have to say. Excellent!

Third track is an edit of “Kone” which is all about shimmering guitars and a slightly lighter sound but is just as compelling as the fuller version.

A most enjoyable 30 minute listen – highly recommended.

PH6A9116 - Version 3 - Zoran Orlic

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