Aural Delight Podcast – 28th February 2013

As we reach the nether regions of February the unceasing deluge of new music continues unabated. So for the most part all of the tunes on this episode have been recently received. I will specifically bring to your attention the new EP from Soul Saboteur (three tracks featured) which is reviewed elsewhere on the blog….unfortunately I have not had a lot of spare time to provide info on the below but generally they are all on Facebook and/or mentioned somewhere else in the blog (or will be when I get my confused organisational arrangements sorted out….) so you should be able to track down details somewhere…..

As usual you can listen in via Mixcloud at this link

  1. Danny Draylon and the Bongoids – Snicker Snacker
  2. Wrecks – Not
  3. Soul Saboteur – Clip Your Wings
  4. Black Market Serotonin – Irons In The Fire
  5. Cable35 – Rental Sunshine
  6. The Relays – Setting Sun
  7. Positronik – Liberation
  8. Rubicava – Wastemaker
  9. Saltland – ICA
  10. West Coast Sick Line – Our Bridge To Nowhere
  11. Sebastopol – The Hateful Mob
  12. The Look – Made It All
  13. Moff Skellington – The Harryhausen Bounce
  14. John Mackie – Holy Water
  15. The Black Sea – Going Out
  16. Disappears – Kone (Edit)
  17. Soul Saboteur – Medicinal Venom
  18. Isolated Atoms – Hold On
  19. Then Thickens – Death Cap
  20. Valentiine – Love Like
  21. J Church – No Doves Fly Here
  22. Tartufi – Furnace of Fortune
  23. Wrecks – Arms
  24. Borland – Paris
  25. Cyril Snear – How Presidential Of You
  26. Implodes – Marker
  27. Dave Gerard & The Watchmen – Brother
  28. The Black Sea – Now That We Are Alone
  29. Soul Saboteur – Dark after Dark
  30. Frazer King – Rockin’ The Cradle
  31. West Coast Sick Line – Swedish Loop (Regional News Reporter)
  32. Passage of Time – Momento Mori

Clip Your Wings

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