Aural Delights Podcast #19 – 7th March 2013

Just a mix this time around , no chat from me, due to various annoying distractions involving utility companies…….as usual listen here….

  1. Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30 – Single : Released April 22nd 2013 on Test Card Recordings. The lead single from their imminent debut album ‘Inform – Educate – Entertain’ (out May 6).
  2. Carton Head – The Creation Myth – a demo from Mr Christopher Dutton of Kill Pretty, Factory Star and Silver Sound Explosion. Christopher is available for weddings, christenings and bar-mitvahs where he will entertain you with his banjo.
  3. Cable 35 – Sanitation – Fungus EP : released in April. Playing Burnley, Talbot Hotel on May 1st and Manchester Retro Bar on May 16th.
  4. Epsilon One – Aerilons – Released on March 18th on Dogs Got A Bone.
  5. Hey Colossus – Hot Grave – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo : released on MIE on April 1st.
  6. Sly Dog – Break Away – Single :  a 5 piece Rock n Roll band hailing from Hertfordshire.
  7. The Relays – Stealing the Words – Blaze In the Sun : another marvellous tune
  8. Ground Pilots – A Billion Things – Single : released 21st March on I-Tunes. Their debut album “In The Way Of The Oceans” can be pre-ordered from 
  9. Then Thickens – Any Other Thing – Pre-release : another band from that hot bed of musical fervour Chorley. I have it on good authority this is a bit of an A6 supergroup supporting the work of Jon-Lee Martin.
  10. Moff Skellington – Shallow Windows In The Ice Reveal – The Guild of Distant Relatives : another track from the new album……
  11. Esper Scout – Shed Some Light – Shed Some Light : four ladies from Leeds who make a fine sound – more info at
  12. Kotadama – Endure – Single – Endure” is available from Tabitha Records to download from Amazon and iTunes plus the usual download sites from March 11th.
  13. Cable 35 – Andy Shakes -Fungus
  14. Sir O -Stay – Someone You’re Thinking Of : from Galilee, Israel and is set to release his debut EP  this month.
  15. Hey Colossus – Octave Dokktor
  16. Sly Dog – Down In The Streets
  17. The Relays – You Invented Horror – Blaze In The Sun
  18. Dead Sea Apes – Nagual – Thermionic Emissions Vol 1 : early recordings recently made available via Bandcamp.
  19. Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding -Extras : I was sorting through some stuff and came across this which seems appropriate for the times we live in… naturally lead me on to…..
  20. Matching Mole – O Caroline – Matching Mole : one of the greatest love songs ever written? Perhaps….
  21. KMFDM – Kunst – Kunst : EBM madness from those potty mouthed noiseniks from Hamburg.
  22. Om – Addis – Advaitic Songs –  from the fifth studio album by the band, released on July 24, 2012
  23. Cable 35 – Boznich – Fungus
  24. Featureless Ghost – Video Enforcement – Tannhauser Gate Remix : as featured the other week – interesting remix!
  25. Epsilon One – Flight of Ideas
  26. The Relays – Satellite – Through the Motions
  27. Van Morrison – Kingdom Hall – Wavelength – it felt it was time for some Van the Man!
  28. Soul Saboteur – Stranded (In The Devils Council) – Clip Your Wings
  29. Borland – Necromancer – Thrancis : the new album….and very good it is too
  30. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – Spirit in the Night – Live at the Main Point : also it felt like it was time for some Brucie…..
  31. Andrew Yates – Air That I Breathe – demo : Singer/Songwriter from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. More tunes on his Soundcloud Page.

PSB Signal 30 Image

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