…..all ye who enter here


Abandon All Life

Southern Lord

1st April 2013

Ten songs in 17 minutes indicates the genre we are dealing with here.

Mind you that’s two minutes longer than their first two albums.

The promo describes the band as “……beyond brutality. Filthy, vicious and raw” which is about right I would say.

This is pretty extreme grindcore – blistering guitars, heavy drums and raw vocals. Hardcore with bits added!

The band are from Southern California and were formed  in December 2007 by Todd Jones along with the help of Taylor Young (Crematorium), and John Gianelli (Fell to Low ). Jones was formally in the bands Terror, Betrayed, Carry On, Snake Eyes, and Internal Affairs.

The album was recorded with Converge’s Kurt Ballou. Nails flawlessly blend the purest and best moments of death metal akin to Suffocation, early Nasum, and Celtic Frost with their own sadistic aggression to create a unique and rather intimidating listening experience.

I found it to be a good listen, by not slipping into the guttural utterances of Doom and offering a variety of different tones/textures in the albeit short songs.

For lovers of all things loud and hardcore!


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