Secret Tour

Now then why would I be listening to crust grindcore metal on a Saturday night you ask me?

Well I’ve been catching up on my e-mails and have found out that the very loud and unrelenting Trieste band The Secret  are doing a european tour – and the nearest they are coming to Greater Mancunia  is one of these three dates

06.05.13 UK Nottingham @ Rock City Basement
07.05.13 UK Glasgow @ Ivory Blacks
08.05.13 UK Leeds @ The Library

So if this is your type of thing then I suggest you toddle along.

You may wish to read the promo for their last album Agnus Dei  from which the above track came….

“Since 2003 THE SECRET has waged musical warfare with their incendiary brew of blasting, metallic hatred, their songs growing sonically more caustic and lyrically more impatient with the human race with each studio offering. The band combines elements of crust/grind, primitive black metal, dark soundscapes and monolithic riffs to take the listener by the hand through a hallucinated trip towards a foggy and yet invisible tomorrow.
THE SECRET’s attack is more corrosive and convincing than ever on the newly completed Agnus Dei. As with their third album Solve Et Coagula, the new opus was recorded by Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Converge, Black Breath) at Godcity Studios, resulting in a blasphemous titan that is without question their heaviest, and most filthy crust-ridden recording to date. Swelling with thirteen unstoppable new anthems in under forty-five minutes, Angus Dei proves itself to be the most hateful release from this killing machine to date, as every album in their discography has.”

I shall be at home catching up on my e-mails unless there is something on the locality that requires my attendance…..I’m afraid my one remaining ear couldn’t handle the decibels.

The Secret

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