Aural Delights Podcast #20 – 14th March 2013

A locally focused show this time around…..with lots of exciting new stuff in between…..and tributes to the great Alvin Lee and Peter Banks who sadly died recently.

As usual you can listen to it at……

  • Monkeys In Love – An  Owl With Hands – Will Pet and Cuddle You : second album from South Manchester’s quirky progressive psychedelic pop outfit. Get it from CD Baby…..
  • Taser Puppets – Mantrap – a remix of the Puppets classic to keep you going while we wait for the new EP…..well you only need to wait until the end of the show for a bit of it…..Chorley-tastic…..and you can see both the Monkeys and the Puppets at the Railway in Chorley on April 12th.
  • Luis Drayton  and Shaun Maxwell – Sick On – as remixed by those sonic architects “Passage of Time” – a guide track from a forthcoming EP (or what have you) given added chutzpah via the power of Ableton 9. NSFW due to La Drayton’s use of anglo-saxon…… Excellent tune which bodes well for the future collaboration.
  • The Wallflowers – Hospital for Sinners – Glad All Over : Zimmerman Jrs latest waxing…..came out last year….most enjoyable.
  • Chelsea Light Moving – Sleeping Where I Fall – Chelsea Light Mov ing : Mr Thurston Moore’s post Sonic Youth adventures sound a tad like SY – not unsurprisingly. Excellent album!
  • The Nankeens – I’m Not Playing – Autonomy : from the new EP which is launched at Night and Day in Manchester on March 16th. It’s free at the gig (£3 entry fee) or will be available for download from Amazing Music.
  • Turner – Blue – This Is Turner : Salford’s Louise Turner steps forward from her excellent career as a backing vocalist (Elbow etc) with her first solo release. She says “….it has been recorded with producer  Yves Altana ( The Chameleons/ I am Kloot). It will be available late April/ early May on iTunes etc and limited physical copies. The EP has 6 tracks with added surprises throughout. Tracks written by Louise Turner and instrumentation by Turner,Yves and Richard Hodgson. Website =
  • Quadrilles – Shirtsleeves – Single : evoking the sound of early Gentle Giant crisp and clean math rock from the four piece who play the Carefully Planned event at The Castle in Manchester on April 20th.
  • Danny Short – Don’t Kill Him Now – Sunset Kicks In : Another track from Mr Short’s remarkable new album.
  • The Relays – Under Different Stars – Blaze In The Sun : Excellent band from Wigan who I have been featuring regularly.
  • Mandrake – Echoes In Eternity – Demo : been a while since I featured Oscar and his band of merry troubadours…he contacted me recently with a couple of recent tracks. A new release is in the offing….and I have some demos which are all very good.
  • Aiden Baker with Plurals – Turning Children Into Mice – Glass Crocodile Medicine : the next instalment in the Southern Records  Latitudes series,  this time  featuring Aiden Baker of Nadja, with Plurals (there are a lot of bands called Plurals out there – this one is the five piece from Brighton). “Glass Crocodile Medicine” is the resulting record….. featuring two tracks – one warm and uplifting, the other more brooding and sinister. This is the former. More accessible than Baker’s  work with Nadja.
  • Hey Colossus – How to tell time with Jesus – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo : as featured last time – another track from the excellent new album.
  • Cable35 – Spinach – Fungus : again, as featured last week, another track from the excellent new EP from the trio from Sheffield via Malta.
  • The Bacillus – Dark Side – I can’t adapt to this prison you call society : with a new line up and new recordings promised I thought it would be good to listen to a track from the first album.  Aidan Cross is curating a night on March 23rd at Gullivers with Kill Pretty, Ill, Black Light Mutants and others – it’s in aid of cancer research.
  • Blue Orchids – Sugar Sugar – Mystic Bud : in which Monsieur Bramah deconstructs The Archies in a rather remarkable and fine manner.
  • Moff Skellington – A plasticine family – The Guild of Distant Relatives : the last track from the latest album. Next week I shall be raiding the back catalogue.
  • Turner – Loves Me Not – This Is Turner
  • B>E>A>K – Night Owls – The Blue Edition : keeping the Owl theme going this is one of two tracks from the fourth release from rather marvellous B>E>A>K….the other one next week……
  • Johann Kloos – City Life : Professor Kloos posted this on my Facebook page…..and rather fine it is too
  • Colour Haze – Other Side – Los Sounds de Krauts : from the double album from 2005. Stoner psyche from Munich.
  • My Sleeping Karma – Intention – My Sleeping Karma : Stoner psychedelia from Aschaffenburg……
  • Modern Eon – Euthenics – Single : I have to thank Joe McKechnie for bringing this to my attention. Classic post-punkery from Liverpool.
  • Flash – Small Beginnings – Single : sad to hear of the passing of Peter Banks one of the founders of Yes and who appeared on their early albums. 9 minutes and 20 seconds of early 70s Prog magnificence from the band he formed with Colin Carter after he left Yes.
  • Ten Years After –  50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain – Cricklewood Green : two years earlier from the Flash track and a piece of British blues psychedelia history – a tribute to the great Alvin Lee who also sadly died last week.
  • Epsilon One – Docile and Dangerous – Ailersons/Flight of Ideas : Leiths finest from the new EP.
  • Mandrake – Always – Demo
  • Then Thickens – Ellie, Rebecca – Yarrow Road : another Chorley-tastic musical experience – available on Bandcamp for three of your pounds.
  • Dave Graney – I’m Not The Guy I Tried To Be – Single : new single from the rather marvellous Mr Graney……a re-recorded version of a song from the 2012 album, “You’ve been in my mind”. Dave Graney on acoustic and electric guitar and bass and Clare Moore on bass xylophone and vocals. A digital only release . One of a series planned for 2013.
  • The Junta – Eat My Dust – Demo : Mr Montague is attempting to be in as many bands as Mr Dutton but falling just short…..this is his solo project, recorded just up the road from here in Eccles in darkest Claremont…..if you aren’t dancing to this then you have no mojo…..
  • Kung Fu Academy – Super 8 Flashback – Single : a rather remarkable mixture of high-life guitar, white boy funk, no wave and indie. More info in my review here.
  • Borland – Heart Knight – hot from the mixing disc and from another forthcoming album – I don’t know they are quiet for ages and then they start releasing at an exceptional rate….the tinkers…..album launch on April 5th at Sacred Trinity Church.
  • David Bowie – Andy Warhol – Hunky Dory : closing the show with a trio of D Jones associated music. First up a classic piece from an exceptional early album.
  • Taser Puppets – Five Years – Fuzzy Felt EP : this is the chaps version of a classic piece of Bowie from Ziggy Stardust – from the forthcoming EP.
  • David Bowie – The Next Day – The Next Day : from the new album and I would say that in the most part Mr Jones is back to his best…

Hyde 12

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