Running Deep

The Como Brothers

Still Waters

Speed of Sound

Castles in the Sand – with Kayla Stockert

As is usual with me I need a semi-regular nudge to remind me to review some of the things that have been piling up for consideration. Matt, the older of the two Como siblings, and master of the bass guitar, contacted me the other day with a couple of new tracks from the forthcoming EP “Still Waters”, which you will be able to hear on this weeks podcast. This reminded me that I had promised the band a review of their other two EPs to date.

Still Waters Cover

The band are from Long Island NY and are purveyors of high energy, melodic, indie rock music with a raw edge which sets them apart from their contemporaries. The new material continues this fine approach with a set of five well written and memorable tunes – with Kayla Stockert guesting on “I Want You”. These songs were written after “The Speed of Sound” EP and recorded during the summer after the band worked on writing and recording  Kayla Stockert’s 1st EP (see below). The funky “Leaving You” is a great track with its’ busy guitar and the blue eyed soul continues with “Can’t Be Right” echoing the sound of early Hall and Oates. The fact that  the band is able to include the epic indie rock of  “Parachute” alongside the more dance oriented music is a testament to their writing skills. A sexy back-beat singles out “Bad Karma” is the stand out track with a great hook and a moody sensuality which demonstrates the brothers know what they are about.

Last years “Speed of Sound ” is equally as impressive demonstrating a maturity in writing and performance beyond their years. More indie focused than the sophomore release, the group deal in powerful pop/ rock with catchy guitar licks and a strong focus on melodic hooks underpinned with dense riffs and chords. The stand out track is the excellent “I don’t like you”.

In the Spring of 2012 Kayla Stockert approached Matt and Andrew Como because she was just starting out as an original artist and needed help writing songs. Kayla and The Como Brothers co-wrote one song together called “Don’t Go Messing With My Heart.” Then Matt and Andrew wrote two more additional songs for Kayla to sing called “What They Say” and “Your Love” — these songs make up Kayla’s debut EP with The Como Brothers Band called “Castles In The Sand.” This is an entirely different sound with more of a focus on classic pop tunes. There is a great 60s feel in the spirit of great pop chanteuses but without the annoying vocodered approach of the current chart fair. The signature Como catchy guitar riffs are in abundance especially on  the delightful “What They Say”. I have no doubt that many of my colleagues in the music plying trade will dismiss this as disposal pop but I think it has a specific charm and attention to melody and structure which both respects what came before it and looks far enough ahead to be deserving of some listening time.

All in all a great trio of releases which allow for a pleasurable listening experience if you like fresh and well played indie music which has an ineffable joyousness about it.

Songwriting is the bands’ primary focus. They want to write songs that are original, creative, and have integrity. Currently they are recording their first full length album at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. There will be 12 tracks on the album and the band say they are coming together really well. Release of the album is planned for  sometime in mid 2013.

kayla and andrew 2
Kayla Stockert and The Como Brothers

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