Aural Delights Podcast #22

Well I did promise myself I would try and reduce this to below two hours given I have set up the Sonic Attack Podcast as a show for the more extreme music – however as usual I have been deluged with some excellent material  but I have managed to exercise some restraint so it’s all squeezed below the two hours but only just…….

As usual you can listen here….. to the following

  1. Periscope – Superstars
  2. As Able As Kane – Kingpin
  3. Damage – Sign of the Times
  4. Public Service Broadcasting –  Signal 30 (Justin Deadlocks 33s Remix)
  5. Pan American – Glass Room at the Airport
  6. The Eccentronic Research Council – Wicked Sisters (Disco Version)
  7. The Como Brothers – Parachute
  8. Zx+ – He Said He Was A Taxi Driver
  9. Sandbox – Shades of Grey
  10. Moff Skellington and the Raildogs – The Main Road Threatening Invasion
  11. Johann Kloos – Sometimes
  12. Kit B – This Picture
  13. Borghesia – U Crnomin Black
  14. Idoli – Moja Si
  15. Zx+ – Kiss Kiss
  16. Flies on You – Spain
  17. The Nectarine No 9 – Don’t Worry Baby Your’e Not The Only One Awake
  18. Centre Excuse – Control
  19. Jackslacks – Lucky Man
  20. The Como Brothers Band – Bad Karma
  21. The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard
  22. Worn Out Rebels – Shoot Me Down
  23. West Coast Sick Line – Blank Holiday
  24. The Loose Hearts – Behind Your Eyes
  25. Taser Puppets – The Wrestler
  26. Zx+ – Seagal

By way of explanation and some geographical pointers:

  1. from Manchester and from the forthcoming album from PERISCOPE ( Martin Swinny ) available on Zozak Records International – soon I think
  2. a Salford band with a track from their Totalitarian Tip Toe album of last year- playing at FAC 251 this coming Saturday – new album due soon says Mr Ding….
  3. from Osaka and top of the bill at the aforementioned gig on Saturday – from the 3rd Album “MOUTH TO MOUTH” (THCR-005)
  4. from that London and a tasty remix of the track I played in a previous podcast
  5. from Richmond, Virginia and the new album “Cloud Room, Glass Room” released on 27th April….
  6. from Sheffield and Salford – a freebie from their website and a reworking of the track from the first album……
  7. from Long Island and from the new EP which is out soon
  8. From Bolton and from the new album Sickly which is pretty damn excellent
  9. From Salford and the sadly missed and rather marvellous Sandbox – Mr Coupe tells me that there stirrings from some ex-band members so watch this space…..
  10. From Otley and an early (2003) offering from Moff and some chums
  11. From Salford via Bishops Stortford – A guitar instrumental he  recorded in 1990. Features Clive Richards on percussion and Bill Fairhall on glissando guitar and Casio keyboard. (Both of Erick) From “magic from the attic.” a cassette released Fragment Records 1991.
  12. From Salford and Ellesmere Port – from the forthcoming EP of the same name – out in May according Mr Monty.
  13. From Ljubljana and the Escorts and Models album of 1988.
  14. From Belgrade and the Odbrana i Poslednji Dani album of 1982.
  15. as 8
  16. From Leeds and the “Nothing To Write Home About” album
  17. From Edinburgh and the very excellent “A Sea with Three Stars” album – Davey Henderson at his best….
  18. A three-piece Electronic Rock band from the East Midlands. Single released on April 21st – for more information visit
  19. From San Diego – last years Jackslacks single…. a   new CD ‘Generations Hypnotized’ is due out in mid-April.
  20. As 7
  21. From Atlanta – a track from the “Larceny and Old Lace” album from 2011
  22. From Skive in Denmark – used to be known as Orligur.
  23. From Colwyn Bay and various other locations too numerous to mention – from the new album Our Name on the Door
  24. From Liverpool – a brand new track sent through by Luke….
  25. From Chorley – from the new EP Fuzzy Felt – features me and several dozen other reprobates on backing vocals
  26. as 8.


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