Aural Delights Podcast #23

Well its been a busy old week with stuff coming and once again the temptation to include a lot of it has to be resisted in order to keep the show to a reasonable length but despite my efforts to reduce the length it exceeds well over two hours………but it’s worth it….as usual you can listen here ;


This week we have

  1. Kill Pretty – What About Me? (Passage of Time Remix)
  2. Danny Short – What About Me?
  3. Flies On You – Josephine
  4. Lipstick Traces – Cirque De La Morte
  5. Positronik – Game of Chances
  6. The 69 Watts – NYC
  7. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – Poison Milk
  8. Sic Alps – She’s On Top
  9. Helicon – The Dabbler
  10. Zx+ – Dolph
  11. Silent Cities – Haptophic
  12. Bo Weavil – Mothers Blues
  13. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – Hair to the Ferris Wheel
  14. Amplifier – The Wheel
  15. Borghesia – Am I
  16. The Trade – Fight Club
  17. Harvey’s Rabbit – Ciderhead
  18. Sic Alps – Carrie Jean
  19. Danny Short – She Looks Like A Boy
  20. Kit B – Binary
  21. Om – Gethsemane
  22. Moff Skellington and the Raildogs – Abstercot Love Stings
  23. Flies On You – Fencing
  24. Snide Rhythms – Yah vs Schemie
  25. Sallie Ford and the Soundscapes – Shivers
  26.  Bo Weavil – John Browns Dream
  27. Danny Short – Nuts In May
  28. ZX+ – Logan
  29. The 69 Watts – By The River
  30. Sic Alps – Biz Bag
  31. Frantic Chant – Colour
  32. Danny Short – Witches Broom
  33. West Coast Sick Line – Literacy Gnome
  34. Carton Head – Death Path Conundrum
  35. Factory Acts – Animal Spirits
  36. Borland – Polyimage
  37. Monkeys In Love – Riffing On Kitton
  38. Sonic Youth – The Wonder

By way of explanation

  1. From a forthcoming EP which is still in the planning stage
  2. From a new EP called “Just Tell Me” available  from Bandcamp
  3. From a new EP called “Sessions” available from Bandcamp
  4. From a new EP called “Cirque De La Morte” out at the end of April. Prelaunch party will be at Retro Bar Manchester on April 23rd.
  5. A new single which will be released on digital via I-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify and most major digital outlets on Monday 29th April……next gig on Saturday 4th May at THE LOWRY PLAZA, Salford at 1pm….as part of the Salford Food and Drink Festival
  6. Described as “a glam tinged psychedelic blues rock and roll band” from Liverpool.
  7.  A Portland, Oregon-based quartet – from the 2011 debut album “Dirty Radio”
  8.  From a new 12″ single released on May 20th on Drag City.
  9. From the compilation album released by the Dogs Got A Bone record lable in 2012.
  10. From the new LP “Sickly” available here –
  11. The project of  experimental recording artist, Simon Maddison. From the first Silent Cities EP which is due for release on the 18th May 2013 and is secretly streaming at the website.
  12. Manchester based Folk/Blues group
  13. Otherwise known as Aly Spaltro and from the debut album “Ripely Pine” which came out in February.
  14. From the new album “Echo Street” which you can get from
  15. Electronic band from Slovenia and Croatia who started in Ljubljana in 1982. From the “Escorts and Models” album.
  16. New single from  a 5 piece Rock band from the Angus/Tayside area……
  17. Classic Manchester Post Punk from Manchester….thanks to Tim Lyons for putting these up on Soundcloud.
  18. as 8.
  19. as 2.
  20. From the forthcoming EP “This Picture”
  21. From last years “Advaitic Songs” album – I shall be featuring dub-plate versions of this song and another from the album on this weeks Sonic Attack Podcast.
  22. From the “Main Road Threatening Invasion” album.
  23. as 3.
  24. Another track from that Dogs Got a Bone compilation. Lots more here
  25. From the latest album “Untamed Beast”
  26. as 12.
  27. as 2.
  28. as 10.
  29. as 6.
  30. as 8.
  31. Psychedelicious Rock`n`Roll from Edinburgh – also on Dogs Got A Bone
  32. as 2.
  33. From the new album “Our Name On The Door” – get it from
  34. A new track from Mr C Dutton of various bands…..all of his stuff is streamable here
  35. A new track from Salford’s purveyors of dark electronica …..get it here
  36. From the new album “Omar”
  37. From the new album “Monkeys in Love will Pet and Cuddle You”
  38. From “Daydream Nation”


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