Aural Delights Podcast 24

After a week off I return to you slightly refreshed and with a serious amount of brand new music interspersed with some real classics… usual you can listen here

  1. Question Mark and the Mysterians – 96 Tears
  2. Bourbon Street Beat – Brass Knuckles
  3. Tingle In The Netherlands – Astronaut Love Triangle
  4. The Astronauts – Typically English Day
  5. Steve Murray and Kingbird – So James Dean
  6. Lipstick Traces – Broken Lung
  7. Monkeys In Love – The Man In The Keith Moon T-Shirt
  8. Ron McElroy – World At War
  9. The Alan Smithee – Surplus
  10. Drone Project – Of Course We Fucking Do
  11. Danny Short – As A Result (I Am Here)
  12. Pan American – The Cloud Room
  13. Adult Net – Incense and Peppermints
  14. Little Shoes – Spongiform Waltz
  15. ZX+ – Brick
  16. 3Pecados – Encandila
  17. Family- Drowned In Wine
  18. The Durty Wurks – Dream
  19. Jackobins – Oh Such A Lovely Day
  20. Kit B – Faded Photograph
  21. Frantic Chant – Heaven Holds A Place
  22. Dead Sea Souls – Brave
  23. Bombino – Ahoulaguine Alkaline
  24. Curxes – Further Still
  25. Rise -Purple Heart
  26. Johann Kloos – Save The Planet
  27. Malcolm Holcombe – Butcher In Town
  28. Dr Tequila – Doing The Best I Can
  29. Jackslacks – Best Friend Gone Away
  30. Bourbon Street Beat – Start From Scratch
  31. Periscope – High
  32. Dusty Moonan – This Ain’t London
  33. Taser Puppets – Beautiful Song for the Ripper
  34. The Fores – Rolling on Heat
  35. Family – My Friend The Sun
  36. Kill Pretty – Andrews World

Notes on the above

  1. Seemed appropriate to play this given the anniversary on Monday last.
  2. Bourbon Street Beat are a 3 piece Rock’n’ Roll band based in Manchester who draw their influences from genres including 1960’s rock/ Blues/ 50’s rock’n’roll/ country/indie, to name a few. Since forming in early 2010 the band have been gigging around the Manchester/Greater Manchester venues gaining a high interest.
    Joe from the band says “Basically this is our first official EP release ‘Knuckles of Brass’ which we recorded at Blueprint Studios in February 2013. It will be available for download after the 10th May for digital download and to mark the release we are putting on a gig at Kraak Gallery in Northern Quarter, Manchester, we have special guests Skellies from Camden London coming up, and Manchester based acoustic act Scott Lloyd. Tickets are £3 pound off one of the band members and we will be selling them in town at certain points which will be shared on our twitter and facebook pages or you can pay £5 on the door. We have also made all our current songs available for free download from our Soundcloud Page ……..” 
  3. From the debut album “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?”….
  4. A recent release from the All The Madmen Singles Club – The Astronauts formed 35 years ago in Welwyn Garden City on the backend of the punk explosion of the 70’s. After a history of lineup changes bested only by The Fall, chief songwriter Mark Astronaut is still battling on with his impossible to pigeonhole sound and his blusteringly brilliant anarchist lyrical perspective. The Astronauts dabble in punk, post-punk, electronica, psychedelic rock, indie, jazz and folk.
  5. Ex Fast Cars front man with a track from his new album “Audio Book” which is out on May 20th – see elsewhere on this blog for a review of the album and details of G-Fest.
  6. From the new EP “Cirque De La Mort” – gigging in what is called at Pre-Launch at Bar Retro, Manchester on 23rd April with The Novasuns, Mr Heart  and Rachel Walters. £3 and a copy of the EP thrown in I think.-
  7. From the excellent new album “The Monkeys In Love will Pet and Cuddle You”  – saw them last Friday at The Railway, Chorley and they were rather marvellous.
  8. New single out on April 22nd – Ron plans to follow on from the release of this single with his debut album “All Her Kisses” in autumn this year.
  9. The promo says…. “After releasing 28 films, 9 tv episodes, 23 music videos and forming bands in the USA and Spain, Alan Smithee returns in his latest incarnation with 4 Livingston based musicians. ” –
  10. Another one from the excellent Dogs Got A Bone compilation – The Year of the Dog……
  11. Another one from the latest work of the bard of Horwich…….grab his stuff at
  12. From the new album out on 29th April – called “Cloud Room, Glass Room” which is stunning….promo says “With percussionist extraordinaire Steven Hess (Locrian, Innode) now a full fledged member, Mark Nelson and Pan•American deliver their first new album since White Bird Release from 2009. This collection of new sounds began with the duo rehearsing for a series of shows in Southern Europe in late 2011 and early 2012, the songs written together as a group to be played live. Bobby Donne (Labradford, Cristal) plays bass on multiple tracks, further emphasising the live band feel”.
  13. A little bit of Brix covering the Strawberry Alarm Clock – from the Honey Tangle album.
  14. Your weekly dose of Moff…..this time with Little Shoes from the “Ambushed By A Vacuum” album.
  15. From the new album “Sickly”
  16. Music from Uruguay from the Diciembra album – translates as “Dazzles” from the Spanish – check them out at   –  or access their stuff for free from
  17. Mr Moss was speaking effusively about this band on Facebook which got me to thinking about playing something – from “A Song for Me”…
  18. Visit…..The Durty Wurks consists of 4 young mates, who through a turbulent first year have played more gigs than had practices, had more drinks than hours sleep and still seem to keep going. Its not all just about making great music, its a lifestyle, a cliche many a band state but The Durty Wurks are rock and roll personified. The Durty Wurks write, perform, promote and produce all their own songs, recordings and artwork and believe that music/art should be free for consumers and all they want is for you to enjoy there creations. Gavin Wyper – Brian Philp – Euan Turnbull – Ian Martindale…..Edinburgh….
  19. From Liverpool…. Formed in the summer of 2012, The Jackobins strive for the reinvention and reintegration of rock music in a cultural world that has momentarily forgotten the sound of instruments and the passion of their players……
  20. Out on Monday…New EP ….here is an old tune …re-imagined…..
  21. From Edinburgh they came….etc ….. more info here
  22. Not a band to rest on their laurels, the relentless Dead Sea Souls follow up the well-deserved success of last year’s debut LP, ‘We Were Always Electric’, with blistering standalone double A-Side single ‘Brave’ / ‘The Comet’. Released via Platform Records, ‘Brave’ / ‘The Come’t sees Gary Burns (bass & vocals), James Sweeney (guitar), David Clark (drums) and Colin Sneddon (guitar & vocals) build on their upbeat, bouncy and disco-funk indebted power pop sound, resulting in undoubtedly their strongest work yet……
  23. The Tuareg sound has received a bit of airplay over the last few years, with sounds from deep inside the Sahara getting exposure almost as a follow-up to the coastal sounds popularized by players like Ali Farka Toure. Among the newest stars is Bombino, a Tuareg guitarist who honed his craft largely while living in Algeria before returning to Niger (specifically to Agadez, as the title of the album suggests) with his bluesy but surprisingly clean sound.
  24. New single  available for free download: – blitz-pop from Portsmouth/Brighton…..
  25. Rise are Daz Whittaker (vocals), Ernie Robinson (guitar), Lee Graham (bass) and Dale Baker (drums). You may remember them as No Tokyo.  Debut Single ‘Purple Heart’ is what RISE are all about and shows of all of their best traits in one song. Released digitally on Monday 29th April, the track will be available from all Major Online Retailers.
  26. Another track from Dr Kloos……
  27. From last years “Down the River” album….
  28. Exclusive track from the brand new album from the Doctor ….. “Dr Tequilas Prescription for Fun”
  29. The b-side of the Lucky Man single – new stuff coming soon
  30. As 2.
  31. Featuring ALYONA ( from The Red October Chocolate Factory )  – a radio edit thereof
  32. Lager swilling, plectrum dropping, fag smoking, guitar playing, Dusty from Colwyn from the first album…saw him live  last Friday, well I think he was live, anyway he played this….in Chorley….get the new album it’s terrific ….
  33. Classic Tasers……new EP out soon….also on last Friday
  34. Supporting Kill Pretty at Ducie Bridge a week on 27th April from Leicester as are…..
  35. Another classic from Chappo and chums – this time from “Bandstand”
  36. From Dark Heart…..
Shaun Maxwell
Mr Maxwell – A Taser Puppet
Dusty Moonan
Dusty Moonan
Monkey Business with Rod
Monkeys In Love (with Emu)

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