New Romantics

We Wanted To Be The Sky

We Wanted To Be The Sky EP


Out Now

Bless my cotton socks this is good!

If you are an aficionado of Salford Music you will know of the drummer of this combo as he is Mr Andy Gilmore of Sandbox fame and indeed his powerhouse poly-rhythms are an essential part of the work of this rather marvellous band. This is their first EP and along with Andy on the drums you have  Tilly on Vocals  and Guitar, Sam on Guitar, and Cory on Bass.

They are based in Hong Kong and they provide for a delightful listening experience.


Quirky, jerky, spunky and any number of other words ending in Y can be used to describe this excellent blend of math-pop, punky garage noise and melody.

There is some amazing tune-smithery going on here and it is delivered with effortless aplomb.

Don’t take my word for it – have a look at the video below.

If I can be more specific I would suggest that this group sounds like an amalgam of two of my favourite bands of the last few years -Mr Heart and Kin – the brash in your face-ness of the front woman combined with a tight and  extremely adept group of supporting musicians.

There are three main tracks with three supporting “in-between” bits. The opening driving chords of “Heart Attack (On the Half Way Line)” suck you in and with it’s memorable melodic approach this tune makes you stay for the rest. And you should!

If you want a physical copy Andy says they are nearly sold out so you’ll have to be quick.

Highly, and I mean highly, recommended!

Cover of WWTBTS

You can find out a lot more about them on Facebook

The EP will be featured on next weeks Aural Delights Podcast.

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