Aural Delights Podcast 25

So 25 podcasts since leaving SCR and there is a serious need to let you have access to some pretty special Salford focused  stuff…….there is a selection from each of the releases from The Ascension to date plus a snippet of the new release from the band (they wouldn’t let me play any more) which ties in with recent feature on them on this blog.  By no small coincidence Mr Simon Archer of this parish (he recorded the last and forthcoming stuff from The Ascension) has let me have two brand new tracks from the recently reformed Bobbie Peru – i’m also featuring the four tracks they recently re-recorded….and if that wasn’t enough Ding-ness there is a brand new one from AAAK and an older remix to balance out the aural confection. There is also  a look forward to Saturday nights gig at the Ducie Bridge in Manchester and an exclusive of a radical remix of Kill Pretty  by Passage of Time which will be released on All the Madmen in the next couple of weeks…..add to that a pile of brand new music, some classics and a couple of pieces of Bramah magic…..listen in here

The Playlist

  1. Bacchanal Party – Mandy
  2. Bobbie Peru – 1971
  3. The Ascension – Temperament
  4. AAAK – Tough Luck (Neil’s remix)
  5. Au Pairs – We’re So Cool
  6. Great Malarkey – Moneybags
  7. Billy Vincent – And It Fights
  8. Electric Clowns – Yeah She Looks Alright
  9. Bourbon Street Beat – Start from Scratch
  10. The Fores – Tough Guys
  11. Kill Pretty – Thirteen Moons (Dub)
  12. Pond – Fantastic Explosion of  Time
  13. Bobbie Peru – Bon Bon Rue
  14. The Ascension – For The Guilty
  15. Lipstick Traces – The Chase
  16. Thee Wylde Oscars – Right, Yeah
  17. Steve Von Till – The Spider Song
  18. Dr Tequila and the Mission D Mob – Love On A Dead End Street
  19. Danny Short – Missing
  20. Bobbie Peru – The Witch
  21. Moff Skellington and the Raindogs – A Piss and Clay Effigy of You
  22. ZX+ – Waiting for the Quantum Leap Boxset to arrive
  23. The Ascension – Drowning in Drought (Excerpt)
  24. The Ascension – Blood Upon The Rose
  25. Lipstick Traces – Escape From New York
  26. Martin Bramah – When Sleep Won’t Come
  27. Martin Bramah – Laid Low
  28. Bourbon Street Beat – Feel The Rush
  29. Bobbie Peru – Luke Wake Up
  30. The Jackobins – Silver Rider
  31. Epsilon One – Sweet Airwaves and TV Spells
  32. Phil Davies and the Ninjasmokebombs – Shiver Down
  33. Dead Sea Souls – The Comet
  34. ZX+ – Rebecca
  35. Bobbie Peru – Swan Souffle
  36. AAAK – Trigger Finger 2012
  37. Kill Pretty – Babes In The Wood
  38. Stalagmites – City of Love
  39. Bobbie Peru – Beautiful Nothings
  40. Electric Alice – Apache War Dance

The Notes

  1. A preview from the forthcoming EP which you can pre-order now.  The “Bacchanal Party EP” released 26/04/13:… further info at
  2. Recently reinvigorated and gigging again – on this show I have a selection of re-recorded older tracks plus two brand new ones!
  3. As featured on the blog – a retrospective of their work to date plus a snippet of the forthcoming release. From the “Last Fall” EP.
  4. Not on the new album – which will be out in a month – Building Scape Glam? Apparently someone called Seth Leppard had something to do with this.
  5. Classic Au Pairs from “Playing With A Different Sex”
  6. From the album “The Case of the Badly-Stuffed Animals” which is released on April 29th on 7Music.
  7. Out on May 6th on Something Nothing Records
  8. From the Dogs Got A Bone Compilation 2012 – The Year of the Dog
  9. From the new EP – Knuckles of Brass
  10. Playing Ducie Bridge, Manchester this Saturday
  11. Also playing Ducie Bridge – from the forthcoming EP “Snake Sheds Skin”
  12. From the album “Beards Wives Denim”
  13. as 2
  14. as 3 – from the “New Renaissance” EP
  15. From the “Cirque De La Morte” EP which was launched on Tuesday of this week
  16. From the “Right, Yeah” album
  17. From a new ten inch called “The Songs of Townes Van Zandt”
  18. From the new album “Dr Tequila’s Prescription for Fun”
  19. From “Sunset Kicks In” –
  20. New track – cover of the Sonics classic piece of garage rock
  21. From “The Main Road Threatening Invasion”
  22. From Sickly – – out today – only 250 copies pressed
  23. as 3… short snippet of the forthcoming release
  24. as 3…from the “Blood Upon The Rose” EP.
  25. as 15.
  26. From the session Martin did for me a couple of years back
  27. From the “Battle of Twisted Heel” album.
  28. as 9.
  29. as 2.
  30. From Liverpool….
  31. as 8.
  32. New single…..
  33. B Side of the new single
  34. as 22.
  35. as 2.
  36. A recent remix which you can get from the site….
  37. From the “In 80 Days Album” which is being re-released on All The Madmen as pay what you want in the next few weeks
  38. From the “Be An Animal” EP
  39. A brand new track…..!
  40. as 8.



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