Aural Delights Podcast 26

A tasty selection of new material…..including some of the bands playing at the Lowry Food Festival in Salford  over the Bank Holiday weekend……(see how I did that)…plus the new EPs from We Wanted To Be The Sky and Dirty Freud, the new single from Tracy Boys, selections from the “Any Love Is Good Love” compilation, an exclusive track from “The Frantic Hamsters” , various remixes and a pile of other new stuff and concluding with a classic Tuxedomoon track……Listen here 

  1. Positronik – Game of Chances
  2. John Mackie – Holy Water
  3. Mancini Fires – Ghosts
  4. Girl Peculiar – Believe
  5. Death to the Strange – Sign On
  6. We Wanted To Be The Sky – Heart Attack On The Halfway Line
  7. Tracy Boys – She’s A Self Made Man
  8. Tingle In The Netherlands – She’s No Lady
  9. Zx+ – And Now It’s Blood
  10. Steve Von Till – Stained Glass
  11. Dr Tequila and the Mission D Mob – Magical Night
  12. Robin Trower – Born Under A Bad Sign
  13. Moff Skellington and the Raindogs – Pop Goes the Tear Plug
  14. Bearsuit – When Will I Be Queen?
  15. Dirty Freud – Whizzing Through Time and Space
  16. The Great Malarkey – Hold Me Back
  17. We Wanted To Be The Sky -Play Again
  18. Steve Murray and Kingbird – Angels and Butterflies
  19. Doctrines – Teeth
  20. The Worm That Turned – The Schweet Moogis
  21. April March – Coral Bracelet
  22. Ste McCabe – Huyton Scum
  23. Scott Kelly – St John The Gambler
  24. Death by Raygun – Sheila Come Back
  25. Hunks – Come to Mine
  26. Dirty Freud – Put ‘Em Up
  27. We Wanted To Be The Sky – Because All Romantics Are Quitters
  28. Dusty Moonan – Swedish Loop (Regional News Reporter) Remix
  29. Doctrines – Daydream
  30. Dirty Freud – Ninja Man
  31. Nate Hall – A Song For
  32. The Maybes – Don’t Ask
  33. The Worm That Turned – Mary Poppins
  34. John Baizley – If I Needed You
  35. Tracy Boys — Padowan
  36. The Frantic Hamsters – The Cross
  37. Kill Pretty – What About Me? (Passage Of Time Remix)
  38. Exchange – Active (Captain Black Remix)
  39. Exchange – Submission (Passage of Time Remix)
  40. Tuxedomoon – In the name of talent

Information pertaining to the above:

 The Lowry Food Festival is on at Salford Quays over the Bank Holiday Weekend from  Saturday 4th May – there are many  bands playing over the weekend  and it’s all free….it’s on The Green at MediacityUK. The Line-Up is 4th  – The Cape Race, Positronik, Mancini Fires, James Kelly, The Reveres, Girl Peculiar, The Quangoes; 5th  Death to the Strange, Ilona, Laslo Baby , Thrill Collings (& more to be announced) ; 6th  – The Nankeens , John Mackie, Thingamabob and Thingamajigs, Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band – (& more to be announced). The first six track on the podcast are from bands and artists performing at the festival….

  1. The brand new single…
  2. Facebook ….they are also on at the Food Festival
  3. Facebook ….they are also on at the Food Festival
  4. Facebook ….they are also on at the Food Festival
  5. From the new EP . ….they are also on at the Food Festival
  6. Brand new EP from the band based in Hong Kong and featuring Andy Gilmour who used to be in Salford band Sandbox – my review is here
  7. New single from the Tracy’s – Facebook
  8. From the compilation album “Any Love Is Good Love” – and here is a message for you concerning this release –  ” The album is a combination of efforts from musicians and queer rights activists across the UK, with support from Peter Tatchell, who has written sleeve notes for the album. Disgusted and shocked by the commonality of homophobic and transphobic attacks in the UK, we want to do something positive to challenge the attitude that if someone doesn’t fit the gender or sexual so-called “norms” then they are fair gain for abuse. We are really counting on support from the likes of …. to help us get this message out there. We want the message to spread far and wide into alternative music, a scene which is only ever as accepting as the messages musicians are sending out. All of the proceeds from this album go directly to Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester, an excellent project which has supported vulnerable young LGBT people in Manchester for 30 years, and which is currently battling for survival.  Emma Reed, Ste McCabe and Cherryade Records x”
  9. From the new album “Sickly”
  10. The debut solo recording from Neurosis’ Steve Von Till “As The Crow Flies” which is being re-released on May 13th on Neurot Recordings.
  11. From the brand new album “Prescription For Fun”
  12. From the brand new album “Roots and Branches”
  13. From the “Main Road Threatening Invasion”
  14. as 8.
  15. From the New EP “Agendas” available from Bandcamp.
  16. From the forthcoming album “The Case of the Badly Stuffed Animals”
  17. as 6.
  18. From the new album “Audio Book”
  19. From the forthcoming album “ANX”
  20. Liverpool trio who sent me some track over – Facebook
  21. From the “Triggers” album – Facebook
  22. as 8.
  23. As featured last week – “Following the overwhelming success of My Proud Mountain’s first release, Songs of Townes Van Zandt with Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till and Wino, the label have since been inundated with questions about the next instalment in the series, and flooded with offers from bands to be part of it.   My Proud Mountain have responded to the wishes and have put together another dream team for the second Songs Of Townes Van Zandt release which will see the light of day later this year. Taking on the dutiful challenge of covering Townes Van Zandt’s music this time is John Baizley, singer and guitar player of Baroness, Nate Hall from US Christmas, and Mike Scheidt from YOB. Each musician approaching their favourite songs in their own personal way, paying homage to the original recordings and finding new ways to convey these well known songs and to deliver their lyrical content. In the interim, My Proud Mountain created something extra special for Record Store Day 2013 on 20 April in the form of a collectible 10” LP featuring four Townes Van Zandt songs – two unreleased songs and two previously released material also. Track-listing is = Side A: John Baizley – If I Needed You – first outtake from “Songs of Townes Van Zandt” to be released in 2013. Nate Hall – A Song For – unreleased a cappella / drone version Side B: Steve Von Till – The Spider Song (played on the previous podcast) – taken from “A Grave Is A Grim Horse” by Steve Von Till – released on Neurot Recordings 2008 Scott Kelly – St. John the gambler – taken from “Songs of Townes Van Zandt” on My Proud Mountain 2012″
  24. From the 2012 Compilation from Dogs Got A Gone “Year of the Dog”
  25. Another tune from Mr Wesley Emmison
  26. as 15.
  27. as 6.
  28. a remix of a tune from the new album “Our Name On The Door”
  29. as 19.
  30. as 15.
  31. as 23.
  32. as 24.
  33. as 20.
  34. as 23.
  35. as 7.
  36. Exclusive remix track from Ian and Neil Moss
  37. Jeff Blacks take on a track from the Exchange album “Systems”
  38. Passage of Times take on a track also from the Exchange album “Systems”
  39. From the “Desire” album

Cover of WWTBTS

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