Aural Delights Podcast 27

No chat from me this time around due to other commitments so just a straight music mix – and it’s with great pleasure I feature new tunes from Kin, The Ascension, The Fall and Death to the Strange,  lots of other local music, some classic underground tunes and new album cuts – as usual you can listen here…..

  1. Cable 35 – Rental Sunshine
  2. The Fall – Sir William Wray
  3. Kin – Glass Thing
  4. Exchange – Sunday
  5. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – Addicted
  6. Death to the Strange – Openshaw Blues
  7. The Ascension – In A Digital Arcade
  8. Greg Stackhouse Prevost – Death Rides With The Morning Sun
  9. The Green Pajamas – The Red Red Rose
  10. Ummagma – Kiev
  11. Dope Body – Out Of My Mind
  12. Hell On Heels – Win Some Lose Some
  13. Sacre Noir – She Can’t Take It
  14. Mike Heron – Stranded in Iowa
  15. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – Montana
  16. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Owed T’Alex
  17. Dr Tequila and the Mission D Mob – Papa’s 3rd Wife
  18. Stellar OM Source – Copper Dream
  19. Purson – Rockin’ Horse
  20. Public Service Broadcasting -Spitfire
  21. Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Perde Kaldirma
  22. Little Shoes – In The Nightpond
  23. Early Mojo – The Little Things
  24. Art Gruppe – I will survive
  25. Tingle In The Netherlands – I Lost My Heart to a Starship Cleaner
  26. Toska Wilde – Hard As Nail Varnish
  27. Blue Orchids – Out Of Sight
  28. Mummy Short Arms – Where’s The Mortuary?
  29. Harry Manx – Tijuana
  30. Death to the Strange – Paper Nest
  31. Kin – Sitting Here
  32. The Girobabies -What Victor Said
  33. Ummagma – Rotation
  34. Tartufi – Furnace of Fortune
  35. The Get – You Gotta Wear A Dress
  36. The Ascension- Drowning In The Drought
  37. Passage of Time – Big John Says No!
  38. Mike Heron – Singing the Dolphin Through


  1. From the Fungus EP – playing on Thursday 16th May – Manchester, The Retro Bar
  2. New single – also on the new album “Re-Mit” which is out on May 13th
  3. From the new EP “Soon” which is free to download from Bandcamp
  4. New single out on June 2nd – new album “Seconds” is on the way on July 2nd
  5. From the second album “Untamed Beast”
  6. From the new EP – “Sign On” which is due out when they tell us it’s out
  7. From the new single “Drowning In The Drought” available now on Bandcamp on pay what you want
  8. From the new album “Mississippi Murderer”
  9. From the new EP “The Red Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)”
  10. From the “Antigravity” album.
  11. From “Natural History” – they are playing “The Bay Horse” Manchester on May 25th.
  12. From “Dogs, Records and Wine”
  13. From Dogs Got a Bone Compilation “”2012 – The Year of the Dog”
  14. From the “Diamond of Dreams” album
  15. From “Overnite Sensation”
  16. From “Shiny Beast – Bat Chain Puller”
  17. From the new album “Prescription for Fun”
  18. From the “Ocean Woman” album
  19. From the “Rocking Horse” album
  20. From the War Room EP – playing on Tuesday 14th May – Manchester, Sound Control – just got hold of the album which I shall feature next week.
  21. From the Totem Two Album – a new full-length entitled Far West  is due for release 10th June through Important Records.
  22. From the “Ambushed By A Vacuum” album – and good news Moff is working on new tunes!
  23. From the “Swimming In Circles” album – get their stuff from Facebook
  24. From the compilation album “Any Love Is Good Love”
  25. From “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?”
  26. as 24….
  27. From “The Sleeper” …. I am advised recent gigs down south went very well…..lets hope we can tempt them to play in the North West sometime soon.
  28. From “Old Jack’s Windowless Playhouse”
  29. From the “Isle of Manx” album
  30. as 6…
  31. as 3…
  32. as 13…
  33. From the “Ummagma” album
  34. From the “These Factory Days” album
  35. as 24…
  36. as 7…
  37. From the new album “All Art=No Fun” available from Bandcamp
  38. From “Mike Heron’s Reputation”

Kin Soon

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