Aural Delights Podcast 28

The central focus of this weeks lengthy extravaganza is the 30th studio album by The Fall which joins an obscenely large collection of their work which sits in a rack facing me here at Aural Delights Central…..I’m also pleased to provide you with a couple of tracks from the excellent new album from the Master Musicians of Bukkake who have just commenced a European Tour – unfortunately they are not gracing the shores of this island of ours with their presence – to make up there for this there are a couple of vid-chips from them at the bottom of this peroration…I have tracks from the new Public Service Broadcasting album which has been getting a serious amount of support…….the brand new single from Salford’s own Suzuki Method also gets a play – the band are now signed to A1M and we hope to see more of them soon……in between the usual local stuff combined the best new music from places far and wide and also a couple of classics from the archives… usual you can listen in here

  1. The Fall – Sir William Wray
  2. Suzuki Method – Country Cousins
  3. Positronik – Know My Place
  4. Crying Queerwolf – Less Camp Than Kirk
  5. Kin – Chemistry Set (Frida Kahlo Mix)
  6. Rick Redbeard – Clocks
  7. Todd Parker and the Witches – Malacandra
  8. Master Musicians Of Bukkake – White Mountain Return
  9. The Fall – Kinder of Spine
  10. Rival Schools – Indisposable Heroes
  11. Lloyd James Fay – Among The Reeds
  12. Moff Skellington and The Raildogs – I Stitch Together Tiny Birds
  13. Savages – She Will
  14. Peter Hammill – Invisible Ink
  15. The Fall – Hittite Man
  16. Kin – Reptile (Time Waites Mix)
  17. Danny Short – End Of My Journey
  18. Lloyd James Fay – Snowglobe
  19. The Blimp – Snowglobe
  20. The Fall – No Respects rev.
  21. Public Service Broadcasting – ROYGBIV
  22. Master Musicians of Bukkake – Arche
  23. Tom Waits – San Diego Serenade
  24. Doctor Tequila & The Mission D Mob – Highway 2000
  25. Kin – Awkward House
  26. The Fall – Victrola Time
  27. Mr Heart – Lynchpin
  28. Lloyd James Fay – Clouds Take Shape
  29. Public Service Broadcasting – The Now Generation
  30. The Cosmonauts – If You Wanna Leave
  31. The Fall – Irish
  32. The Trade -Amsterdam
  33. Arcade Parade – Grace
  34. Warm Widow – Back Of The Class
  35. Action Beat – TCX06V_B2
  36. The Fall – Jetplane
  37. Coroner for the Police – Rubies and Diamonds
  38. Public Service Broadcasting – Qomolanga
  39. Exchange – Motion
  40. Suzuki Method – Purple Aki
  41. The Fall – Loadstones


  1. From the new album “Re-Mit”
  2. New Single
  3. Remix by Jeff Black
  4. New demo track from CQ
  5. From the new EP Soon
  6. From the “No Selfish Heart” album
  7. From the new album “Martians”
  8. From the new album “Far West” – released on Important Records on June 10th
  9. as 1.
  10. From the new album “Found”
  11. From Lloyd’s debut album ‘The Black River Chronicles’. Release dates is June 10th 2013, on Platform Records.
  12. From “The Main Road Threatening Invasion”
  13. From “Silence Yourself”
  14. From “In A Foreign Town”
  15. as 1.
  16. as 5.
  17. From “Sunset Kicks In”
  18. as 11.
  19. From “4.3”
  20. as 1.
  21. From “Inform-Educate-Entertain”
  22. as 8.
  23. From “”Round Midnight”
  24. From “Highway 2000”
  25. As 5.
  26. as 1.
  27. From “The Unspeakable Mr Heart” – playing a free gig at the Bay Horse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Friday 17th along with Coroner for the Police.
  28. as 11.
  29. as 21.
  30. Released on April 29th 2013. More info on Facebook.
  31. as 1.
  32. From the new album “”Fu- Go” which will be available for download from May 20th. Facebook.
  33. From the new EP “Cave of Swimmers” which is released May 27th. Facebook.
  34. From “Widower”
  35. From “The Condition (Truth Cult)
  36. as 1.
  37. From “Swamp Box”
  38. as 21.
  39. from Systems
  40. From the Suzuki\Method EP
  41. as 1.

Further Material

On the eve of their 2013 European tour, Master Musicians of Bukkake have released another mysterious video, a sequel of sorts to the previously unveiled ‘White Mountain Return’ this time for the track ‘Gnomi’.
and here is “White Mountain Return” as featured on the show……


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