Aural Delights Podcast 29

As I was putting this weeks podcast together I heard of the passing of the great Ray Manzarek so I thought it would be fitting to include some Doors numbers in the show. As well as the usual selection of old and new I’m pleased to include a song by Julia Dowler who continues the Osborne family tradition of musical endeavour with her excellent songs and rather special vocal talents. This time around the song I am featuring  is also part of the soundtrack of the new film “Molly Crows” which looks pretty good indeed. .

I also have a couple of tracks from the new Limozine album which continues the rich tradition of voodoo blues started by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, a track from the new album from Saltland, and further tracks from the debut EP from Sam Smith & Company.

Listen here

  1. The Doors – Shaman’s Blues
  2. Silver Sound Explosion – Your World
  3. Limozine – Tokyo 1970
  4. Sam Smith & Company – Some Facts
  5. Saltland – Treehouse Schemes
  6. Julia Dowler – Black Heart
  7. Futur Primitif – Digital Space
  8. Public Sector Broadcasting – Inform Educate Entertain
  9. Tingle In The Netherlands – Girlie Disco One
  10. Little Shoes – Humble
  11. Government Death Epidemic – Shadow
  12. Kill Pretty – Babes In The Wood
  13. Welles – Green Power
  14. The Nectarine No9 – Chocolate Swastika
  15. Peter Hammill – Flight
  16. Limozine – Sick Chromosomes
  17. Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man
  18. Monster Island – Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
  19. Public Service Broadcasting – Late Night Final
  20. Dirty Beaches – I Dream In Neon
  21. Sam Smith & Company – The Pouring Rain Is Bliss
  22. Whitehorse – Killing Time Is Murder
  23. Van Der Graaf Generator – A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers/The Sleepwalkers Medley
  24. The Doors – Riders On The Storm
  25. The Doors – When The Music’s Over…

Information pertaining to the above:

  1. From “The Soft Parade”
  2. A demo track from Ben and Chris – who are looking for a drummer and an additional guitar player if anyone is available. Facebook.
  3. From the new album “You’ve Been Limozined” (their third) which was released on May 13th on Beat Atlas Records. Facebook.
  4. From the new EP From “Heathens to Devils”
  5. I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us, the debut album from Rebecca Foon’s Saltland project, is available now. “Treehouse Schemes” is one of the more deliberately structured songs on the record, a beautifully paced and melodically direct composition that rallies several of the album’s guest players. Little Scream’s Laurel Sprengelmeyer contributes cascading guitar chords, Mishka Stein holds down the walking bassline and Jess Robertson deploys bass flute tones that swirl around the mix courtesy of Mark Lawson’s signal processing and production tweaks. Laurel and Jess join Rebecca on vocals for the song’s choruses as well. Download the track here:
  6. From the soundtrack of forthcoming horror film “Molly Crows” – an independent release put together on a shoe string budget but looks pretty damn good to me. The film is based on they true story of Molly Leigh the witch of Burslem, which is a township in Stoke On Trent, and whose grave is not far that of my grandfather Joseph Osborne in Burslem Cemetary.  For more of Julia’s music please visit
  7. Digital Space is the new single by Futur Primitif, the band featuring songwriter and singer Daniel Lefkowitz, former member of  The Low Anthem.  Daniel (voice/guitar) is joined in Futur Primitif by Jared Elmore on synths, drum machine.
  8. Still on tour and still the finest purveyors of electronic rock at the moment…..
  9. Becoming a regular feature on the show the work of Owen and Helen transcends the usual dance/electronic tropes to create a mesmerising sound.
  10. Your weekly dose of Moff Skellington as part of Little Shoes and from the “Ambushed By A Vacuum” album.
  11. From the eponymous EP – a nice slice of ska punk
  12. From “In 80 Days” – a slightly tougher version than the initial demo
  13. Mr Aikman of Flies On You pointed this lot out and rather good they are as well – the album is called  “Radical Shit”
  14. Classic Nectarines from the outstanding “Sea with 3 stars” album
  15. I have my ticket for Van Der Graaf at the Royal Northern College of Music in June where the band will be playing a version of this Hammill classic from “A Black Box”. Collectively known as “Flight” but comprising a suite of seven songs – Flying Blind, The White Cave Fandango, Control, Cockpit, Silk Worm Wings, Nothing is Nothing and A Black Box.
  16. as 3.
  17. From the much released live recordings at My Father’s Place in December 1978…..
  18. From the recent album “The Retaining Wall” – now a four piece apparently
  19. as 8.
  20. Alex Zhang Hungtai at his moody best from the “Drifters” album.
  21. as 4.
  22. Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland from the self-titled debut album by Whitehorse.
  23. Back to the RNCM gig where VDGG will be recreating the memorable “A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers” – this live version of the classic album side from “Pawn Hearts” comes from the Vital album and also includes Sleepwalkers from “Godbluff”.
  24. From “LA Woman”
  25. From “Strange Days”

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