A bit of a round up……

So here is a round up of things which have come to my attention…..

In terms of local things it is good to see the re-emergence of  Bobbie Peru who I caught at Satan’s Hollow a couple of months back, and who have been touring with The Fall. Within the same circle of musicians I can also report that Mr Heart go from strength to strength, with some new tunes emerging, and were pretty excellent at the aforementioned Satan’s Hollow event. Members of both bands are in As Able As Kane  of course, who will be releasing their new album on 8th July. Hopefully, as with previous releases, I  will be getting some pre-release stuff to share with you. The ever busy Mr Archer seems to be vying with Mr Moran and Mr Dutton to see who can be in as many bands at the same time having just secured the bass role for Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Other members of AAAK are also about to release material viz Coroner for the Police, or are in the recording studio at the moment i.e. The Words.


In a different musical sphere entirely – but somewhat adjacent to AAAK – the growth and importance of modern electronica around these parts is a key discussion point.  Positronik continue to produce quality soul-electronica and it’s a mystery to me why a lable has not snapped them up and are not pushing their exceptional tunes. Close allies and friends Exchange  have a new single on the way on June 2nd and also a sophomore album “Seconds” due soon thereafter. I detect a slightly harder edge to the material this time around and I look forward to listening to the whole of the album. Factory Acts continue to impress with a recent new single “Animal Spirit” and are getting into the studio soon (if not now) to lay down new material (that’s when they are not out enjoying themselves watching The Fall that is!). The Tingle In The Netherlands album “What Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change” continues to impress with it’s reverential synth sound and challenging lyrical content. If some clever promoter out there can get all of these bands doing a gig night together I reckon it would be a special kind of evening. I should also point out that Mr Montague of Positronik has an alter-ego called The Junta who is worth checking out.

I have also been somewhat quiet of late as I have been buried away in my workspace converting the existing Fall website “Reformation” to a different platform. This has mainly been necessary due to the limitations of the existing host. This is a lengthy process due to the vast amount of material on the existing site, and some of the howling errors on it, that need correcting. The new site is looking good but I have at least another few months work before I can launch it on the world. Pending that my erstwhile co-editor Martin Peters is keeping things ticking over on the original beast. Which leads me nicely onto the new Fall album “Re-Mit” which I thought was a real return to form – and whilst it does not reach the dizzy heights of some of highlights of the canon it does demonstrate that Mr Smith and Co can still out-perform with ease some of the mainstream material which reaches me via the usual channels.

Album of the year so far is Dusty Moonan’s “Our Name on the Door”, it’s still free from Bandcamp, and it still represents some of the best song-writing I have heard in a long while. Public Service Broadcasting’s “Inform Educate Entertain” is also one to point out as a bit of a triumph. The forthcoming album from Ken Camden “Space Mirror” is a delightful piece of work – ambient and repetitive guitar pieces – beautifully played. Another highlight is Monkeys In Love’s excellent “….Will Pet And Cuddle You” – a band you definitely have to see live to appreciate what they are all about.

In terms of EPs I was impressed by Sam Smith & Co’s “From Heathens to Devils”, and was very pleased to see Miss Lucid’s “Feed to Breed” finally released. The lads had given me the tracks a while back but wouldn’t let me play them. I shall remedy that soon. Also pleased to see a new single from Suzuki Method and the EP from Death to the Strange. And finally a mention for the debut EP from Kit B and the new single from The Ascension – all good stuff and well worth investigating.

As usual there is a serious amount of new stuff coming in on a daily basis so please keep listening to the podcasts to hear it.


Looks like a Scouse singer to me……..

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