It’s a pyramid structure and you’re a status clutcher ………

So i’ve written extensively about The Ascension in the past. And now it is time to do it again.


They have a new single out – “Drowning In The Drought”/”In A Digital Arcade” – which continues their excellent run of releases.

As usual the material dwells on dystopian themes couching them in epic sound-scapes and delivering them with a post-punk venom that continues to amaze. Imagine 80s electronica force-fed on a diet of Killing Joke, EBM and mutant disco and you are sort of close.

As usual there is a good dose of social commentary thrown into the mix – the second track particularly having a good old pop at the age of social media. I got a sense of an Orwellian nightmare becoming reality while we tweet away endlessly.

The juxtaposition of the funky back-beats and bubbling bass  against industrial rock still makes them one of the most unique and challenging outfits around the Greater Manchester scene.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ding at 6dB Studios here in Sunny Salford.

I recommend you check them out and being such a thoughtful chap i’ve embedded the release below so you can have a listen.

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