And on the seventh day…….

A song about the seventh day with seven versions of the tune released on the seventh day – Exchange i.e. Jed and Mike set the scene for the new album “Seconds” with six variations on the original with everything from the Motown Horns take by Jeff Black through to fellow Positroniker John “Monty” Montague – in his Junta guise – drifting on a visceral synthy sea of lysergic surges (trying saying that with a mouth full of gob-stoppers).  Jed (a moody and introspective ambient stroll around a riff which breaks into distorted layers of sound)  and Mike (a nice slice of Disco Motorik intensity and the lengthiest version) do their own mixes and further variations are provided by Dave Stawecki (who also mixed the release) and Paul Hammond.

Sufficient variety and forward momentum here from the duo which bodes well for the album. I would imagine that these would go down well on a variety of dance floors.

It’s free so why not fill your boots as they say.


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