Aural Delights Podcast 31

This time around the focus is on Aberdeen band Miss Lucid with all of their new EP and all of their first EP – I spoil you sometimes. As well as that the new single from Mr Graney, another cut from the forthcoming “Glamourpus” release and loads more brand new tunes….and one or two classics thrown in at the end to spice up the mix…..enjoy and listen here ….for my interview with Miss Lucid go here

  1. Miss Lucid – Seduction of Solitude
  2. Dave Graney featuring Clare Moore – I’m A Commander
  3. Luis Drayton – Snobby Bitch
  4. Taser Puppets – Leafless In The Garden of Eden
  5. Shane Kenny – Rolls Off Your Tongue
  6. The Friday Club – All I Wanna Do Is
  7. The Tracy Boys – Book ‘Em Danno
  8. Moff Skellington – Under the Parish Lantern
  9. Miss Lucid – This Life
  10. The Nyco Project – The New Machine
  11. Papir – III.1
  12. Miss Lucid – Prey for Love
  13. Ken Camden – Eta Carinae
  14. Tingle In The Netherlands – 365
  15. Exchange – Sunday (Radio Edit)
  16. Exchange – Sunday (Captain Black Mix)
  17. The Nyco Project – Fade Away
  18. Miss Lucid – Another Pathogen
  19. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Pantherman
  20. Dr Tequila and the Mission D Mob – That’s Why I Sing The Blues
  21. Kill Pretty – King Cotton
  22. Ken Camden – Dominic Sunset
  23. Miss Lucid – Paralysis
  24. Featureless Ghost – Web Walk
  25. Suicide – Rocket USA
  26. The Nyco Project – Your’e So Weak
  27. Miss Lucid – Hollow
  28. Monkeys In Love – Riffing On Kitton
  29. Dream Syndicate – Tell Me When It’s Over
  30. The Spencer Davis Group – I’m A Man
  31. Country Teasers – Devil On My Back
  32. The Velvet Underground – Sister Ray



  1. From the new EP – Feed to Breed. The focus of this show is the two EPs from this Aberdeen based band who drove all the way from North East Scotland to play last years Salford Music Festival
  2. New Single from the coolest man on the planet – a remake of a track from the 2007 Dave Graney Show album . Dave has just advised of  a new compilation box set of albums from the Coral Snakes recordings from 1994-97  which I hope to be getting a copy of soon, and also goes into the studio soon to record some new material.
  3. From the recent studio recordings….more details when I have them…..
  4. From the forthcoming EP “Fuzzy Felt”…. “more like  live sound” says Shaun. I agree.
  5. Singer songwriter from Wexford, Ireland, has just released this first single  from his upcoming 2nd album “8 Miles out”. and
  6. Friday Club are a new band from Birmingham. They release this new single  on June 24th and the band appear live at Villa Park on June 16th to play live at the Aston Villa Kit Launch Festival.
  7. New track from the Tracy’s… download from the new album of instrumentals called “Spyglass”.
  8. Your weekly dose of Moff from the 2010 album “The Corrosive Norm” – rather impressive g0b-iron playing from Mr Quayle.
  9. From the first EP from the band……”This Life”
  10. London based four piece who are releasing their EP “The New Machine” in the form of an interactive app this June. Through the bands concept of ‘everything you hear you see’, each track features a number of videos showing the individual instrument parts, in the exact location they were recorded. The user then has the chance to interact with, see each member’s original take, de-construct the songs into their component parts, by muting or isolating them, and discover information about the recordings.. The app will be available for iphone and Android.

  11. Copenhagen’s finest exponents of “krautrock” with the opening track from their third album.
  12. as 1.
  13. From a stunning new album “Space Mirror” which will be released on Kranky on July 29th. Ken is a member of Implodes.
  14. From one of the albums of the year “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change”.
  15. The new single…which is out now with seven remixes….although it’s beyond me why they didn’t ask Passage of Time to do one……
  16. And the Captain Black (of Positronik) remix of the above
  17. as 10.
  18. as 9.
  19. I first got into these when one Mark Edward Smith expressed a liking in the NME  (I think) back in 1982 – from the “Behind The Magnolia Curtain/Blow Your Top” compilation.
  20. From the new album ….. and very good it is too….a live track
  21. They play at Prestwich British Legion this Friday…… this is a demo from a track which will be on the forthcoming album ……
  22. as 13.
  23. as 1.
  24. From “Biologically Sound Cyber Bodies”
  25. From the first album
  26. as 10.
  27. as 9…..beautiful track
  28. From “Monkeys In Love will Pet and Cuddle You” in which Steve releases his inner demons and Laura gets all feline and wanders into the crowd …..
  29. Had a hanketing to hear this again – from the “Days of Wine and Roses” album.
  30. From the album of the same name……
  31. From “Teasers Teasin’
  32. Needs no introduction – often copied but never bettered.

Shane Kenny – Rolls Off Your Tongue

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