Last Vendetta

So here we have a brand new Welsh punk-rock band called Last Vendetta with their  debut single and video release.

The promo people say:

Heavier than Pop-Punk, catchier than Rock and just as at home on a playlist with Foo Fighters as Funeral For a Friend, Last Vendetta are a band of opposites; often heavy and raw but always catchy and melodic, tugging on heartstrings with their tongues firmly in cheek. They effortlessly capture a nostalgic early noughties sound infused with their own unique, visceral style.

Brothers Matt and El have developed an almost telepathic musical connection, their driving rhythm section overlaid both by the energetic yet disciplined guitar partnership of Danny and Vinnie and Danny’s trademark melodic hooks. While Last Vendetta are new for 2013, their sound is the culmination of a musical friendship stretching back years. In 2012 they struck up a partnership with independent label Sonic Forge Music and began work on crafting their debut album ‘Poetry & Adultery’.

Their first single ‘To Be Continued’ will be released as a free download through SoundCloud on the 15th July.

Their second single ‘Savages’ will be released on the 12th August, followed by their debut album in September.

You can pretty much see for yourself what it’s all about – took me a couple of plays to get into it and once I had got my head around the D-Beat drumming with the buzz saw guitars juxtaposed with the melodic vocals I began to see the attraction. I’ll be playing both tracks on next weeks Aural Delights.


  • Danny – Vocals and Guitar
  • Vinnie – Lead Guitar
  • El – Bass
  • Matt – Drums



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