Aural Delights Podcast 32

Since the last podcast I have been to a rather marvellous event at Prestwich British Legion where I saw, not only Kill Pretty,  but also two excellent singer-songwriters in Sarah De Warren (who is featured on this show) and Little Rach – whose debut recordings we await with anticipation. I was also very pleased to be sent the new EP from the best thing in Stalybridge (apart from the Station Buffet Bar) the rather marvellous The Cornelius Crane so i’m sharing that with you, as well as new things from Last Vendetta (a new punk band from Wales) the impressive EP from Arcade Parade, and a mysterious new band called The Swiss Alternative. The new album from Oathless is also out and is rather special, better than the new from Bored Of Canada (sic) methinks anyway. Add to that some psychedelic post punk from Puerto Rico (try saying that with a mouth full of Barley Sugars), I’m also featuring a one-off mix of the new Kill Pretty release “Snake Sheds Skins” and in between a generous smattering of classics and you have well over three hours of aural delectation – you can listen to the music here.


  1. The Cornelius Crane – Needle and the Gun
  2. Dave Graney featuring Clare Moore – Mt Gambier Night
  3. Last Vendetta – To Be Continued
  4. The Hydromatics – Standing at the Juke
  5. Sarah De Warren – Dust
  6. Arcade Parade -Grace
  7. The Cornelius Crane – Oklahoma and Me
  8. Psiconautus – On My Own
  9. Sparrow and the Workshop – Valley of Death
  10. Oathless – I Thought I Saw Her In A Dream
  11. The Swiss Alternative – Rewind
  12. The Cornelius Crane – They Talk In Circles
  13. Half Man Half Biscuit – God Gave Us Life
  14. Moff Skellington – Navvy Work
  15. Sarah De Warren – Tear It Up
  16. Arcade Parade – Cave of Swimmers
  17. Dave Graney featuring Clare Moore – I’m Not the Guy I Tried To Be
  18. Last Vendetta – Savages
  19. The Cornelius Crane – They Sail Like They Never Heard A Song
  20. Husker Du – Sorry Somehow
  21. Sarah De Warren – I Dared
  22. Hatfield and the North – Son of there’s no place like Homerton
  23. Van Morrison – Gypsy
  24. The Cornelius Crane – Don’t Blame This Heart Of Mine
  25. Arcade Parade – Eyes Open
  26. The Swiss Alternative – The Day That Changed The World
  27. Sarah De Warren – Watching Lights
  28. Crystal Stilts – Departure
  29. Blue Orchids – Freak Show
  30. The Cornelius Crane – Silver Tongue of an Actor
  31. Arcade Parade – Out Of The Picture
  32. The Walkabouts – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  33. Dave Graney featuring Clare Moore – The Postman always rings twice
  34. Johnny Dowd – Rockefeller Eyes
  35. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Lip Boy
  36. The Cornelius Crane – The Difference Between You and Me
  37. The Disappeared – Eight Miles Down
  38. Subway Sect – Chain Smoking
  39. Kill Pretty – Snake Sheds Skins (the complete mix)


  1. New Self  Titled Ep that the chaps sent through to me – very impressed so I am playing the whole lot and most of their second one as well. The new one is out on June 17th.
  2. Fourth digital single for 2013.  A remake of a track from “You’ve been in my mind”. Played here on acoustic and electric guitar with bass xylophone.
  3. More details in this blog post
  4. From “The Earth is Shaking”
  5. Saw Sarah at Prestwich British Legion and was impressed with her singing – she gave me a copy of her EP and I am playing all of it on this show
  6. From the “Cave of Swimmers” EP
  7. as 1 from “EP Too”
  8. Art Rock/Post Punk with a psychedelic flair, from Puerto Rico from “Psiconautus Contra Mothra”
  9. From “Murderopolis”
  10. From “Peripheral : Music From An Imaginary Film” – available from Bandcamp
  11. The Swiss Alternative are a musical ensemble from England. Born from a chance encounter of everyday life their mission is simple: to create the music they love whilst embracing everything old school. Their new EP is coming soon. Their first single and video is out now.
  12. as 1.
  13. A classic from “Back in the DHSS”
  14. Your weekly Moff moment from “Sperm Jingle Harvest”
  15. as 4.
  16. as 5.
  17. I’m not the guy I tried to be (2013 remake) is the first single in a series of individual digital releases by Dave Graney in 2013. This is a remake of a song that closed the 2012 album “You’ve been in my mind” by Dave Graney and the MistLY. Here it is recast in acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars strummed by Dave Graney against a sweet rush of vibes and bass xylophone  played by longtime collaborator Clare Moore.  Graney says“the song was inspired by something Willie Nelson said at a show once. The groove is JJ Cale. I like to have another shot at some songs, just to see how it flies with different fins on…The radio was full of adult country pop when I was a kid. Add this one to the pile.”
  18. as 2.
  19. as 1.
  20. From “Candy Apple Grey”
  21. as 4.
  22. From the eponymous first album.
  23. From “Saint Dominic’s Preview”
  24. as 1.
  25. as 5.
  26. as 10.
  27. as 4.
  28. From “Alight of Night”
  29. From “Mystic Bud” ….they are a playing a few dates in the coming weeks including “All Tomorrow’s Parties”.
  30. as 1.
  31. as 5.
  32. From “Slow Days With Nina”
  33. The Postman Always Rings Twice is the third digital single from Dave Graney in 2013. A song more than a little inspired by the famous first novel by James M Cain (1934) and the (1946) film of the same name starring Lana Turner and John Garfield. Dave Graney made a demo version of this song in 1987, as he embarked on a post Moodists career .(The Moodists being the first band for Graney and his partner Clare Moore) . The song was eventually recorded in 1998 as “between times” for the Dave Graney Show cd. Dave Graney had always thought it best to hide his stash of obsessions and that to call the song after the book and the film would be too distracting for people to experience the song itself. Now he’s restoring it. This is kind of a a “directors cut”. Dave Graney plays acoustic and electric guitar, along with Stuart Perera from their band , the mistLY. Clare Moore sings and plays keys, percussion and bass xylophone.
  34. From “Wire Flowers : More Songs From The Wrong Side Of Memphis”
  35. From “Untamed Beast”
  36. as 1.
  37. Demo track – ran into the chaps at the Kill Pretty gig last week and promised I would give them more airplay….
  38. From “We Oppose All Rock and Roll”
  39. Unreleased mix of the remix album “Snake Sheds Skin”

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