World of Jazz Podcast 32

This time a lot of new music with recent releases from Christian McBride, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Ralph Alessi & Fred Hersch, and Jaga Jazzist. In between some Afrobeat, Carla taking on Monk, and some bop from Bennie Green and Lee Morgan. To close a little funky workout to get you on your feet……stream from Mixcloud at your leisure

  1. Christian McBride & Inside Straight – Listen To The Heroes Cry
  2. Fela Kuti – My Lady Frustration
  3. Bill Frisell – Sing Together Like A Family
  4. John Scofield – Endless Summer
  5. Carla Bley – Misterioso
  6. Ralph Alessi and Fred Hersch – Humdrum
  7. Jaga Jazzist – Kitty Wu
  8. Bennie Green – See See Rider
  9. Lee Morgan – Sneaky Pete
  10. Rock Candy Funk Party – Octopus-e


  1. People Music (2013)
  2. Fela Fela Fela (1969)
  3. Big Sur (2013)
  4. Uberjam Deux (2013)
  5. Songs with Legs (1995)
  6. Only Many (2013)
  7. Live with Britten Simfonia (2013)
  8. Mosaic Select (2003)
  9. Sonic Boom (1967)
  10. We Want Groove (2013)


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