Riffs Abound……

Alpha Male Tea Party

Real Ale and Modern Rail : A Lonely Man’s Guide To Not Committing Suicide

Superstar Destroyer

26th August 2013

From Liverpool, and jam packed full of that jangly guitar post-rock/math-rock sound that I know and love.

As my mate Dusty is want to say when discussing bands from Merseyside “sounds like a Scouse band to me ”  – well this lot don’t.

From the opening statement of “I don’t even like Hollyoaks” it’s fairly certain which genre pigeon hole you should place these chaps in, but a couple of minutes it’s not – as it’s moved from elegaic post-rock into massive proggy math-rock and heaven forfend it has vocals! Track 2 “Taste Like A Dog” is a breathtaking rush through a series of disparate riffs which is reminiscent of Van Der Graaf Generator at their most intense (think Meurglys III but faster).


A band that describes its’ genre as “Smash” on Facebook and has members called Vladimir Gluten, Urethra Franklin and Jacques Shiraz would tend to imply a certain amount of tomfoolery is abounding around their output. Indeed their website is, albeit spartan, an indicator of the inherent whimsy written through their work. Track 3 “Go to the Ant, You Sluggard” is a mass of conflicting off kilter riffs which reminded me of “Gentle Giant” at their most exacting but with better vocalising and a nice dirty guitar/bass sound that gets the old head nodding and the foot tapping. “Truffles”, the track I shall be featuring on this week’s Aural Delights – along with a track from their first album AMTP “Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich” – takes math/prog/post – rock into a nice heavy area – again, riff-laden and in your face. Indeed the EP gets progressively scabrous as it moves through the five tracks concluding with the joyous “Boris Bike Briefcase Man” which is my favourite on the release. All riffs and heaviness broken up by tender little break-downs, and a lengthy wall of guitar ending.

I am advised that they nod back to Smashing Pumpkins, Oceansize, and bear close affinities with At The Drive In and that they have shared stages with Adebisi Shank, Tubelord and And So I Watch You From Afar. I can see the comparisons with ASIWYFA and Oceansize so if you like those two then in all likelyhood you will appreciate this.

Most enjoyable….. recommended for lovers of progressive alternative guitar music.


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