Aural Delights Podcast 36

A busy show this week with an even split between new local things and material from a third excellent compilation from One Inch Badge. So I’m flip-flopping between the North West and South Coast.

Anyone needing further proof of the strength of Brighton’s musical underground need look no further than the third instalment of the Sea Monsters ‘Best of Brighton’ compilation – packed with 25 unique tracks from the most   important bands in Brighton, the album includes almost two hours of  music spread across two CDs and digital download. I’m featuring the first of the two CDs on this podcast. The second CD will be on the next edition.
The promo for the album advises “Choosing from the innumerable Brightonian artists on the scene is always a daunting task, but some always burn too bright to be ignored. This year, it seems only apt for One Inch Badge to team up with some of the key local collectives, labels and promoters to collaborate in presenting the most crucial local talent around, involving Source Magazine, Teen Creeps, Love Thy Neighbour, Punk V Hardcore and Slip Jam B.”
Sea Monsters 3
Just a few of the highlights of this year’s Sea Monsters are; psychedelic space jazz three piece The Physics House Band, who since the Sea Monsters festival have signed with Blood & Biscuits (home of Three Trapped Tigers, Tall Ships & Sleep Party People), released their debut EP and toured the UK extensively; kraut-grunge-poppers Traams, who recently signed to Fat-Cat records and have their new EP Ladders coming out on 10th June 2013, in the midst of selling out shows left, right, and centre;   four piece Kins and their lush, layered and elegant pop gems, which have earned them comparisons to Radiohead, Fever Ray and Alt-J (with whom they share a management team), two performances at the official Great Escape festival and lots of Radio One love; and Gnarwolves, undisputed favourite darlings of the UK punk scene, whose fast and frenetic live shows have since seen them sign to Big Scary Monsters/Pink Mist and sell out all copies of their forth-coming EP ‘Funemployed’ in six hours.
The other 19 artists are a welcome feast of diversity, encapsulating the seaside town’s beating musical heart and enviably rich lifeblood. These great talents pushed on-line plays to over 20,000 in just the first week, with total plays in excess of 50,000 now. The entire compilation is available to stream here:
But things kick off with the brand new release from Salford’s finest proponents of cutting edge “buildingscapebeats” the marvellous AAAK (As Able As Kane ) – i’ve already reviewed the album here. There are also new EPs from Dusty Moonan, Sam Smith & Company, and Hot Vestry, plus the remixes from the new PSB single I featured last week. In between some tasty local treats and a Nugget towards the end.
You can listen to the show via this link :
  1. As Able As Kane – BuildingscapebeatXXV
  2. Dusty Moonan – Have You Ever Been To The North
  3. The Affliction – Good People
  4. Kins – Top and Turn
  5. Hot Vestry – Vanish
  6. The Fall – Yes O Yes
  7. Phoria – Red
  8. Sam Smith & Company – From Heathens To Devils
  9. Luo – Fears
  10. Kill Pretty – Kill Pretty
  11. Soccer 96 – Aquarius
  12. As Able As Kane – Never Stop Me
  13. Dusty Moonan – 4-3-1
  14. Squadron Leaders – Guines De Escadrilla
  15. Hot Vestry – Where All Ends Meet
  16. Traams – Peggy
  17. Flies On You – Despairselfloathing
  18. As Able As Kane – Tough Luck
  19. Public Service Broadcasting – Theme from PSB (D>R>U>G>S remix)
  20. Negative Pegasus – Natural Jazz
  21. Sam Smith & Company – Dirty Logic
  22. Physics House Band – Abraxical Solapose
  23. Monkeys In Love – Hair Transplant
  24. Kitten Alone – Finish What We Started
  25. The Deal Was For The Diamond – For My Sins
  26. Moff Skellington – Inside The Marrow
  27. As Able As Kane – Enjoy Your Moment
  28. Written In Waters – Ligeia
  29. Dusty Moonan – Literacy Gnome (Paul Hammond Remix)
  30. Rapid Pig – Brother John
  31. If  Heroes Should Fail – Arras (ii)
  32. Sam Smith & Company – The Pouring Rain Is Bliss
  33. Hot Vestry – Colours of the Waterfall
  34. Public Service Broadcasting – Theme from PSB  (Fold Remix)
  35. Broker – Pro-rata
  36. As Able As Kane – Time XXV
  37. Gnarwolves – Coffee
  38. The Nazz – Open My Eyes
  39. Sam Smith & Company – Some Facts
  40. Bruce Springsteen – Land of Hope and Dreams


  1. BuildingscapebeatsXXV – the new album out this week – get it here
  2. New EP – get it here –
  3. One of Dusty’s earlier bands – ska punk from Colwyn Bay
  4. Sea Monsters 3 –
  5. From the new EP “Tell Me How It’s Done”
  6. From “I Am Kurious Oranj”
  7. as 4 –
  8. From the Heathens to Devils EP – get it from I-Tunes
  9. as 4.
  10. From “In 80 Days” get it from All The Madmen
  11. as 4.
  12. as 1.
  13. as 3.
  14. as 4.
  15. as 5.
  16. as 4.
  17. From “Nothing to write home about” – available from Bandcamp
  18. as 1.
  19. From the new single as featured last week
  20. as 4.
  21. as 8.
  22. as 4.
  23. From “Will Pet and Cuddle You” available from all the usual download sites
  24. Another new demo track from that hot bed of musical endeavour Levenshulme
  25. as 4.
  26. From the Reformation sessions – new album due soon.
  27. as 1.
  28. as 4.
  29. as 2.
  30. From “Wildlife” available from Bandcamp
  31. as 4.
  32. as 8.
  33. as 5.
  34. as 19.
  35. as 4.
  36. as 1.
  37. as 4.
  38. from Nuggets Volume 1
  39. as 8.
  40. From “Wrecking Ball”

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