Aural Delights Podcast 38

So these shows have been getting a bit too long so I’ve taken the decision to reduce them to around 60-90 minutes in length…..apart from saving me a load of time in recording them it at least gives you listeners a reasonable time in which to complete your ironing.

This week the featured artist is Periscope who I have been playing on and off since I started doing this radio/podcast nonsense. I have his new single and a selection of his more recent goodies. I also have three brand new tracks from Silver Sound Explosion.

So the playlist is:

  1. Periscope – Thumbsucker
  2. Terrace – A Night at the End
  3. Daughn Gibson – The Sound of Law
  4. The Masterbakers – Hey Loco
  5. Kill Pretty – Jumping The Barrel/Swastika Girls
  6. We Were Frontiers – Devil’s Type
  7. Periscope – Falling Down (Did You Ever Lose A Tear)
  8. Terrace – Galactic
  9. Blue Orchids – Low Profile
  10. Crystal Stilts – Radiant Door
  11. Moscow Transport – All I Know
  12. Moff Skellington – Epinephrine
  13. Periscope – High
  14. Silver Sound Explosion – Seconds
  15. Silver Sound Explosion – Love Potion
  16. Silver Sound Explosion – Kicks
  17. Los Tentakills – It Ain’t For Me
  18. Daughn Gibson – Kissing On the Blacktop
  19. Periscope – Sleep
  20. Terrace – One Thing Left
  21. Oathless & Good Weather For An Airstrike – Omerta
  22. Crying Queerwolf vs Passage of Time – More Camp Than Checkov
  23. We Were Frontiers – Madness of July
  24. The Masterbakers – Wanna be Your Friend
  25. Periscope – Superstars
  26. Passage of Time – Complicity

You can stream the show at :

The sources of the tracks are:

  1. The new single – more information here
  2. Vancouver based Terrace are a three-piece indie/electro group. Taken from their upcoming album “As Far As The Night Can See”, the bands blends elements of 80’s electro-pop with indie and ambient producer tendencies.
  3. From the new album “Me Moan”
  4. Introduced to me by that Dusty Moonan – a band from Wrexham who you can listen to at your leisure on Soundcloud
  5. Recorded live by me last Saturday at the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford. Josh Dutton debuts his song on acoustic guitar and then the band kick in with a new tune from – I assume – the next album which will be recorded soon.
  6. Leeds band with a track from their forthcoming EP “Giveth Taketh Away” which is released on 5th August.
  7. Another one from the wonderful Peri…..
  8. as 2.
  9. A classic from Mr Bramah & Co – extracted from the excellent “The Greatest Hit” – Orchids play Salford on 17th August at The Kings Arms.
  10. Orchids fans the excellent Crystal Stilts from the eponymous EP – new album on the way!
  11. Salford based band who used to be bears? BEARS! – featuring Samuel William Jones – Guitar/Synth, Adam Mortimer – Guitar/Synth, Tom Miller – Bass, and Ben Jones – Drums. More stuff on the way they say!
  12. His Moffness with a ditty from “The Corrosive Norm”
  13. as 7.
  14. Demo tracks sent through by Ben Power…..Ben says ” these are early mixes so are not quite finished” – well they sound pretty damn fine to me
  15. as 14
  16. as 14
  17. Dirty Lo-Fi Patchwork Intensification Of Psychedelia, Garage And Surf Reverberations.With influences such as Los Saicos, Link Wray & 13th Floor Elevators Los Tentakills have created uncommon devious music with the emphasis on playing from the heart in a conscientious and concerted effort to formulate an affinity with you and perchance set the windmills of your mind turnabout in the process.
  18. as 3.
  19. as 7.
  20. as 2.
  21. Preview track from forthcoming album “Sol”
  22. The ‘Wolf as re-invisaged by the sonic manipulations of Passage of Time
  23. as 6.
  24. as 4.
  25. as 7.
  26. From the new album “Heritage Junkies”

thumbsucker flyer

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