World of Jazz Podcast 38

The featured artist is Kevin Davidson who was introduced to me by Martin Swinney via Zozak records – and I’m featuring tracks from his three albums to date.

Kevin Davidson has written many compositions over the last 30 years. But due to the record industry viewing his work as non-commercial, releasing albums has been a huge source of frustration for him. When a chance arose to record at Peter Auret’s Sumo Sound last year, Kevin seized the opportunity with his latest release “Breathing WInston Living John”.

Kevin has played on many albums as a sideman from small group work with Carlo Mombelli to big band recordings with John Davies. Musicians he has played with include Pharoah Sanders, Howard Johnson, Richie Cole, Bob Mintzer, Winston Mankunku, Duke Makasi, Robbie Jansen, Ezra Ngcukana, Chris Schilder, Basil Moses, Sammy Hartman, Nol Klinkhamer and in a master class capacity with Avishai Cohen, Helen Sung, Clay Jenkins and Thelonious Monk Junior.

The band on the latest album is Kevin Davidson — tenor saxophone and flute, Roland Moses — piano, Hugo de Waal — guitar, Pete Sklair — bass, and Peter Auret — drums.

In between a selection of tunes taken from purchases after a recent visit to the record shops of Manchester…….

  1. Don Cherry and John Coltrane – Bemsha Swing
  2. Kevin Davidson – A Good Whine In Suip Town
  3. Ben Dietschi & Andrew Oliver Quartet – Nest
  4. Yusef Lateef – Chandra
  5. Kevin Davidson Quintet – Ntyilo, Nyilo
  6. Joshua Redman – Uncharted
  7. Pat Metheny with Dave Holland and  Roy Haynes – Question and Answer
  8. Kevin Davidson Quintet  – The Prime Object
  9. Orrin Evans – Dorm Life
  10. Kevin Davidson – Lakutshon’ Llanga (Dream Beach Sunset With Loving Knees)
  11. John Coltrane – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

As usual the show can be streamed from Mixcloud

The sources of the tracks are:

  1. The Avant Garde (1967)
  2. Sacred Landscapes
  3. Parallax (2013)
  4. The Diverse Yusef Lateef (1970)
  5. Our Land Our Music
  6. Compass (2009)
  7. Question and Answer (1989)
  8. Breathing Winston, Living John (2011)
  9. It Was Beauty (2013)
  10. Our Land Our Music
  11. Coltrane’s Sound (1960)


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