Aural Delights Podcast 39

So i’m back after a week off watching an intriguing Test Match at Old Trafford between England and Australia which was only spoiled by the English Weather – and quite a few remarkable things have turned up during that period….

The mix consists of:

  1. Dusty Moonan – Sunrider
  2. Caviare Days – Who Deprived You Of Your Smile?
  3. Crystal Stilts – Spirit In Front Of Me
  4. Neils Children – At A Gentle Pace
  5. King Salami and the Cumberland 3 – Do The Wurst
  6. Moff Skellington – Inside The Marrow
  7. Amon Duul II – C.I.D. In Urik
  8. Melt Yourself Down – Fix My Life
  9. The Girobabies – Secret Animal
  10. Crab Dance GIs – Instant Music (Just Add Water)
  11. Morgen – Welcome To The Void
  12. Tamsin A – Body of Mine
  13. Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes – You Wanna be There But You Don’t Wanna Travel
  14. The Go Betweens – Darlinghurst Nights
  15. Crystal Stilts – Future Folklore
  16. Jackslacks – When She Was Mine
  17. Scouts – I’ve Got A PMA
  18. The Masterbakers – Bones
  19. Van Der Graaf Generator – Out Of My Book
  20. Flies On You – Yeah, WIld I Know But, Nonetheless
  21. The Drop Out Wives – Tralaalaa
  22. Ron McElroy – Japanese Song
  23. We Were Frontiers – Madness of July
  24. Frantic Hamsters – Seven Ships
  25. The Astronauts – Please Don’t Come Round Tonight
  26. Boz Hayward and the Bozchestra – The Franco Nero Mud Show
  27. The Karma Party – The Opposition
  28. Kill Pretty – Raining Blood

As usual you can stream the mix from Mixcloud


  1. New demo from the ever prolific bard of Colwyn Bay – get his latest album from Bandcamp
  2. Brand new single from the band as reviewed here 
  3. From the brand new album “Nature Noir”
  4. From the new album “Dimly Lit”
  5. From “Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers”
  6. From the Reformation session
  7. Classic rock from “Carnival In Babylon”
  8. From the new eponymous album – will be featuring much more on the jazz show this week
  9. New single
  10. New track from Danny Cusick and Craig Bodell
  11. Classic rock from the eponymous album
  12. Tamsin demoing a future Mr Heart track
  13. Classic mid period Dave from the excellent album of the same name
  14. And to keep the Aussie theme going…..given what I was doing earlier in the week – some memorable Go-Betweens from the last album “Oceans Apart”
  15. as 3.
  16. From “Rock and Roll Dinosaur”
  17. From the “Blackpool vs Preston” compilation
  18. Another one from the excellent band from Wrexham
  19. Classic prog from VDGG from  “The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other” album
  20. Leeds finest export at the present time from “Nothing to Write Home About”
  21. as 17
  22. New single – he plays Blue Cat Cafe on August 29th
  23. As featured last week – another track from the new EP “Giveth Taketh Away”
  24. The Moss Brothers as the Frantic Hamster in experimental mood
  25. Classic anarcho punk
  26. New single from Boz as featured here
  27. as 17.
  28. The recent single featuring Larry Gott….available here

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