Irrational Listening Patterns

In any one day any number of different things with a variety of styles turn up here in the “liver” of Monton leading to somewhat irrational listening patterns…..and today is no exception…..these are the ones that cheered me up today……

  • Obelyskkh – are a doom metal band from Germany (the Fürth/ Nürnberg area) – their new album “Hymn To Pan” is one of the best rock records I have heard all year. The vocals are clear, for the genre (i.e. not guttural) and the playing and writing is very good indeed. Their are definite areas of light and shade giving a neo-psychedelic/space rock edge to the music. Expect to hear a couple of tracks on the Sonic Attack Podcast over the next two weeks. It is released on Exile on Mainstream on September 2nd.
  • Bl’ast – as trailed a couple of weeks back on here I’ve finally got my hands on the reissue of the seminal “Blood” album. For something that is over 25 years old it sounds remarkably fresh. It’s as good as all the hype in the promo, better in fact, marvellous stuff, noisy, unrelenting and rather special. Again a couple of tracks will be working their way into the Sonic Attack podcast.
  • Rise – got a new track from the band that used to by No Tokyo called “Call To Bring Her Home” which is a nice little nugget of manc indie pop…..
  • Warehouse Riots –  are from Wigan and make a nice noise – a sort of busy jangly indie thing with busy percussion and some terrace chanting vocals on “Skipping Stones” – they are playing the Roadhouse this Thursday.
  • Ron Iron’s DNA – aka Ian S Thompson – deals in a sort of electronic trip-hop but deviates from the confines of that genre to create a more-ish indie pop sound laced with chitterings and buzzings – the title track from the forthcoming album “Under My Skin” has a hypnotic voodoo beat and collates a variety of sounds to create a pleasurable listening experience. It will be out in August sometime.
  • White Rose – regular listeners/readers will recall this Darlington bands “Fanimal” EP from last year. A couple of new tracks have come in my direction and they continue to be an excellent band. They manage to do the indie rock thing without sounding like a dozen other bands on the circuit. There’s a smidgeon of post-punk and grunge in their as well which adds to the enjoyment.
  • Crying Queerwolf –  having remixed one of the tracks on the latest ep “The Main Drag” I was intrigued to find out what the final mixes of CQs latest work would sound like. I’m pleased to report the dark menace of the ‘Wolf’s work is in full effect on a handful of songs from the saturnine “Foggy Down Queer Street” through the aforementioned remixed track “Less Camp Than Kirk” which has developed into a bit of dance floor classic, followed by the utterly shy and retiring Luis Drayton making a guest appearance on the title track – a tasty slab of pop punk, concluding with the sino-centric “Molly Hause” dripping with victorian melodrama, and chilling and saucy “Shirley Pagan Temple” which circles nervously around Residents territory.

The latter five of the above will be making their way onto the Aural Delights Podcast in due course.


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