Aural Delights Podcast 40

A music only mix this time around due to me being struck down by the lurgy and having a sore throat…..

The featured artist on this podcast is Sterling Witt who has released four albums and one EP since 2004.

Described by the man himself as “experimental folk-punk” he cites his influences as Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and Nirvana – which immediately attracted my attention – and over the five releases you can find plenty of compelling and highly impressive material. I am featuring a track from each album/ep on the show. He says he is planning a UK tour for 2014 which hopefully will include gigs in the North West.

Sterling Witt

His latest album has received some rave reviews and is certainly his best work to date.

As well as Sterling I have plenty of new and local material and a couple from the archives to close the show. As usual notes are provided to guide you to the artists.

Regular listeners will notice that the podcast is now getting down to the reasonable listening length of just over an hour…..!

The set list for the podcast:

  1. Rebellious Jukebox – Psycho Aphrodisiac
  2. Sterling Witt – Killing Yourself
  3. Florida Room – My White Room Versus
  4. Snake Mary – Consequences
  5. Sterling Witt – Icestorms and Scoliosis
  6. Midlake – Antiphon
  7. Johann Kloos – Cobwebs
  8. Sterling Witt – Cellophane Girl
  9. Jackslacks – What A Dame
  10. Moff Skellington – The Longing To Be Elsewhere
  11. Positronik – Superheavy – 2013 Remix
  12. Sterling Witt – Hypochondria
  13. Johann Kloos – Heaven or Hell
  14. Last Vendetta – Attractive Attention
  15. Oathless & Good Weather For An Airstrike – Your Childhood Races Towards You
  16. Sterling Witt – Hollow Moon
  17. The Fatima Mansions – Only Losers Take The Bus
  18. The Wallflowers – The Devil’s Waltz

As usual the show can be streamed from Mixcloud…..

Notes and sources

  1. Rebellious Jukebox encompass the traditions of English art-house rockers, blending an eclectic mix of retro influences with modern-day alternative electro sounds. They are from Birmingham. This is their track for August.
  2. From the “Sea Things” album.
  3. Hailing from Clapton, East London, Florida Room give way to an eclectic mix of strong melodies accompanying layered guitars and 4-part harmonies. They released their  EP “After the Autumn hours” in October 2012. This track is on the EP. The band is currently in the studio working on their new album and will be touring around the UK in Autumn 2013.
  4. Snake Mary recently saw the release of their debut single ‘Lay by The River’ and are following this up with the album ’11 17’. Released late September, the band have unveiled the track ‘Consequences’ as their new single. Since releasing‘Lay By The River’, the band – a project of guitarist and songwriter Kevin Barber – has been gaining increased attention. Catching the eye of the UK blues/roots market the single was a glimpse into the band’s refined sound. Chiefly inspired by blues, the band work their way through a range of styles on the record, from more country influenced tracks right through to acoustic, balladic works. New single ‘Consequences’ showcases the band’s soulful side. The album is set for release on September 30th.
  5. From the “Self Portrait” album.
  6. A preview track from the forthcoming album……the first release since the departure of Tim Smith.
  7. New tracks from Johann……I have no more details than that….other than that they are “two sketches”……
  8. From the “Shadows & Secrets” album.
  9. An early track from the band
  10. From “Blue House and Titty Bottle”
  11. A new remix from Captain Black – the band play The Kings Arms, Salford on 16th August along with Factory Acts and Exchange.
  12. From the “Skeleton” EP.
  13. as 7.
  14. Another track from the Cardiff based rockers
  15. From the new album “Sol”
  16. From “Sterling Loves U”
  17. Classic Fatimas from “Viva Dead Ponies”
  18. From the “Glad All Over” album.

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