An evening of Aural Delights…..

So what are you doing on Friday 23rd August in the evening?

If you are in the Greater Manchester area, and you like good music, can I suggest you venture to the Kings Arms on Bloom Street in Salford?

Helmets for Men are putting on a bit of a special show.

There are three bands playing and they are all rather marvellous and all different!

Firstly I should talk about Poppycock  the band lead by Una Baines (The Fall, Blue Orchids) and featuring Joey of the Black Light Mutants of which I know very little other than Moet says they are good , and he knows what he is talking about. What little evidence of the band there is on You Tube looks pretty damn entertaining.

If that were not enough to tempt you then there is also the utterly marvellous and riveting live experience of Monkeys In Love  a band that transcends genre norms and can only be described as unique. The dual vocal front line of the Simms-Luddingtons is delicious and the bands’ attention to mise en scene makes them one of the most captivating live experiences in the North West.

And to add further fuel to the fire of your expectation topping the bill is the incandescent, and slightly dangerous Kill Pretty  a band whose live performances set the bar for musical performance and whose songs are some of the best we have around at the moment.

It all kicks off at 7pm  I’m not sure of the running order yet but it will all be over by 11pm if you want to go off partying in central Babylon.

Only £5 and the selection of ales and lagers is rather good and the food at the Kings at the moment is rather tasty – so why not start off your weekend with some fine music?


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