Aural Delights Podcast 41

Dedicated to the life and memory of Sylvia Moss.

The featured artist is The MasterBakers who are from Wrexham and comprise Dragan Rilovic, Stan Pritchard,  Sir Private Bog, Sebastian Saturday, and Longshanks Johnson.

The featured album is the forthcoming release from Cryin’ Queerwolf called “The Main Drag”

  1. Focus – Sylvia
  2. Pop. 1280 – Lights Out
  3. The Dames – All Mine
  4. Luis Drayton – Pussy Club
  5. The MasterBakers – Colours, Sounds and Variations
  6. Pretty Lights – Let’s Get Busy
  7. Ground Pilots – The Entire World
  8. The MasterBakers – Modern
  9. Cryin’ Queerwolf – Foggy Down Queer Street
  10. White Rose – It’s Just Me
  11. The MasterBakers – It’s Time To Rise
  12. Cryin’ Queerwolf featuring Luis Drayton – The Main Drag
  13. White Rose – Melanies Melancholy
  14. The Diamond Bays – We Are Young
  15. The MasterBakers – Reckhead
  16. Cryin’ Queerwolf – Shirley Pagan Temple
  17. Monkeys In Love – An Owl With Hands
  18. Robert Pollard – He Requested Things
  19. Roy’s Iron DNA – Under My Skin
  20. The MasterBakers – Insomniac
  21. Rise – Call To Bring Her Home
  22. Moff Skellington – Whose That Coming Up The Stairs Today
  23. Kill Pretty – Rob A Bank
  24. Peter Hammill- Red Shift

The show can streamed from Mixcloud

Further information on the above….

  1. From “Focus 3”
  2. From “Imps of Perversion”
  3. The debut single
  4. From the album “Rising Scum”
  5. From the bands Soundcloud Page
  6. From “A Color Map Of The Sun”
  7. New Single
  8. as 5
  9. From “The Main Drag”
  10. From the bands Soundcloud Page
  11. as 5.
  12. as 9.
  13. as 10.
  14. Playing Eagle Fest in Salford in 31st August.  From Warrington.
  15. as 5.
  16. as 9.
  17. From “Will Pet And Cuddle You”
  18. From “Honey Locust Honky Tonk”
  19. Having secured a steadfast source of funding via emerging creative-industry endorsers Creative Scotland, pivotal Scottish Borders based electronic/trip-hop nametag Roy’s Iron DNA is readying itself in preparation of the release of a full remix album, to be “Entitled Under My Skin”, set to emerge through 360 degree music company Travelled. Striving to break popular convention as ever, the one-man/multi-man-when-live project, headed by the ever-mysterious Ian S. Thompson, have announced a set of infinitely intriguing plans and intentions surrounding the release of the album. It is currently projected that 9 of the album tracks are to remixed by a varied roster of influential Scottish electronic music producers and DJ’s, with one remix right being reserved for the audacious victor in an as yet un-launched open-entry competition. Full details of the competition are to be revealed in-due time, though the open-entry format has in fact been confirmed, meaning that any and all producers willing to give the remix a go could end up seeing their work placed amidst that of an array of established producers on a nationwide release. Under My Skin will be available on vinyl, CD and online on Tuesday 1st October, will be Roy’s Iron DNA’s second in total, the first being 2007’s nationally acclaimed ‘ Men in Wax Jackets’ an album which announced the then Edinburgh based band to an unsuspecting audience, with a colourful mirage of positive press reviews (NME, The Fly, Daily Record) supplementing several successful road tours of their native United Kingdom. An return to road-life awaits Roy’s upon the release of ‘Under My Skin’, with project over-watchers Travelled Music already hatching blueprints for a comprehensive and long overdue tour of Scotland’s open-armed towns and cities, set to occur around the time of the release, quite fittingly in 2013’s darker months. Though expected to be sought after on a UK-wide basis, present plans dictate that the album will be available in physical form exclusively via Scottish independent record stores, with enthusiasts outside of the country having to make do with a full digital release, for the time being at least. With more details on the remix competition, as well as the album itself to come- 2013 truly does appear to be the year of the return of Roy’s Iron DNA.
  20. as 5.
  21. Free download from the bands’ Soundcloud Page
  22. From “Gravy On A Plate Of Food”
  23. The single and from also on the “Dark Heart” album, but this is an earlier punchier version…..get it here from All The Madmen
  24. From “The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage” with special guest Randy California.


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