Salford Music Festival 2013 Preview 1 – Thursday

If there was ever a need for the ability to be in more than two places at once then it’s at this years Salford Music Festival – which runs from 26th to 29th September in venues all around the city. I shall be dipping into the list of over 200 artists in an Aural Delights podcast special but I thought I would list them all and when and where they are playing. I will also highlight some of the bands that I hope to go and see – bands which I have featured before, either on the radio or podcasts. You will see from the list below that there are many gigs to attend so hopefully this little guide will assist you in picking which venue you go along to.

The SMF team have pulled together a wide variety of artists for what promises to be an excellent four days and the vast majority of the gigs are free. Where the gigs are ticketed I have marked them on the list below.

As is usual with events of this size and with a couple of weeks to go things may change so for up to date information visit the site at

So I will kick off with the Thursday and then follow up with the next three days over the next week or so.

Thursday comprises the following

  • Gig at Ashley Brook featuring Ben Tretheway, Suzie Does It and The Seniors
  • Acoustic at Deli Lama with Angie M, Laura & Claire and Lei Jennings
  • Acoustic Lounge at the Dock Bar at Media City with Ed Blaney, Chris Flynn, Judith Ude, Death to the Strange and Ryan Jarvis
  • Acoustic at the Eagle Inn with Daz Nez, Aiden Cross (from the Bacillus) and Johann Kloos (of the Sandells) – followed by a Thursday Late Night Lock In!
  • Gig at Lower Kersal Social Club with Dischord, Half Six, Veladrome and Potential Victims
  • Gig at Sacred Trinity Church with AAAK, and Big Unit. TICKETED GIG
  • Gig at Salford Arms with Positronik, and Modern Alarms – this is probably the one I shall be going to. Unfortunately The Cornelis Crane have had to withdraw from this gig.
  • The Jane and Mike Band have a lunch time set at Salford Museum and Art Gallery (1pm)
  • Ren Harvieu and The Jar Family play St Phillps Church. TICKETED. I would highly recommend this gig as well – Broughton’s own songstress headlining in her home city together with the excellent Jar Family who played The Hope last year.
  • There are two stages at The Black Lion – Stage One has Ellie Dibben, Liam McClair, Flossie and Alex Chow. Stage Two has Hey Bulldog, The Slow Readers Club,Gavner P and Gareth Icke.
  • The Hope will see performances from Alfies Dad and The Others, Black Sonic Revolver, and Issimo.
  • The New Oxford will feature Bo Weavil, and Soul Saboteur. Another great line up and I will aim to be running between here and the Salford Arms to catch at least some of the sets. Unfortunately Factory Acts have had to withdraw from this gig.
  • In the leafy suburbs of Monton at the Park Hotel you will find Matt Hartless and the Matchstick Ghosts, Blank Cheque, and Kellys Heroes.
  • The Red Lion will be hosting Sam Moran, The Jane and Mike Band, and Jess Harwood
  • The Wellington at the Height will feature Electronic Pimp, Without Andrew, and The Ambersons
  • The White Horse at Gilda Brook will have – Incredible Planet , Kings Parade and The Suns. Another cracking line up and I may pop in to at least catch the excellent Suns on the way home!
  • There will be an Acoustic Stage at the Waggon and Horses with Don Fable, Jealous of Girls and Aaron.
  • In Patricroft at Wangies there will be Rock and Metal Night with Angry Grandad, Not Above Evil, Footprints in the Custard, Searu and Shades of Avalon.

And just for the record here is a list of all the bands that are playing over the four days

  1. 10Take
  2. 12:27
  3. A Means To An End
  4. AAAK
  5. Aaron
  6. Acoustic John
  7. Aidan Cross
  8. Alex Chow
  9. Alfie’s Dad and Others
  10. Amy Louise Faulkner
  11. Andy Doonan
  12. Angie M
  13. Angry Grandad
  14. April Keen
  15. Arran George
  16. Bad Bad Me
  17. Bad Cardigan
  18. Barry Lawton
  19. Bells In The Birches
  20. Ben Jones
  21. Ben Trethewey
  22. Benefit State
  23. Big Unit
  24. Blank Cheque
  25. Blue Zen
  26. Bo Weavil
  27. Brent Hood
  28. Brett Hoyes
  29. Bright Shapes
  30. Broadway And Beyond
  31. Busik Mase
  32. Caleidra
  33. Candidate23
  34. Charley T
  35. China White
  36. Chris Flynn
  37. Clea Knight
  38. Clutching At Straws
  39. Dan Fable
  40. Dave Haslem
  41. Daznez
  42. De Palma
  43. Deadbeat Echoes
  44. Death to the Strange
  45. Debbie Richards
  46. Despicable The Youth
  47. Dirty Money No5
  48. Dischord
  49. Dislocation Dance
  50. DJ Meza
  51. Don’t Stop! Go!
  52. Doremi Fly
  53. Driven Serious
  54. Dysphonia
  55. Ed Blaney
  56. Electronic Pimp
  57. Ellie Dibden
  58. Emmot and the Folkestra
  59. Enigma Falls
  60. Factory Acts
  61. Feed The Kid
  62. Fishing for Compliments
  63. Flossie
  64. Footprints In The Custard
  65. Franco and the Dreadnought
  66. Gareth Icke
  67. Gavner P
  68. Ged Wilson
  69. Girl Peculiar
  70. Glyn Bailey
  71. Go Native
  72. Goodnight Astor
  73. Graeme Park
  74. Half Six
  75. Harlen McStar
  76. Heat vs Light
  77. Hey Bulldrog
  78. Hot Fiction
  79. Hot Vestry
  80. Inca Babies
  81. Incredible Planet
  82. Issimo
  83. James Pearce
  84. Jasmine Pearce
  85. Jay Dean
  86. Jealous of Girls
  87. Jenny Tyson-Berry
  88. Jess Harwood
  89. Jess Kemp
  90. Jess Roberts
  91. Jim Green
  92. Joe Symes and the Loving Kind
  93. Joe Thomas
  94. Johann Kloos
  95. John Mackie
  96. Jon Da Silva
  97. Johnathon Tarplee
  98. Jordan Allen
  99. Journal-Keepers
  100. Judith Ude
  101. Junction23
  102. Kellys Heroes
  103. Kowloon City
  104. La Godiva
  105. Last of the Dogs
  106. Laura & Claire
  107. Laurel Canyons
  108. Lei Jennings
  109. Leigh Freda
  110. Letters from Grace
  111. Liam McClair
  112. Little Sparrow
  113. Lornnah Stewart
  114. Louis Brookes
  115. Louis Yssel
  116. Lucy Mae
  117. Lvls
  118. Mama Roux
  119. Mapas Big Band
  120. Mark Daynes
  121. Married In Vegas
  122. Matt Hartless and the Matchstick Ghosts
  123. Meriel Malone
  124. Michael Reeve
  125. Miss Lucid
  126. Mobius Loop
  127. Modern Alarms
  128. Mog Stanley
  129. Monday’s Company
  130. Moose Patrol
  131. Mr. Heart
  132. Muttley
  133. Mylyricalmind
  134. Nic Townley
  135. Nicky McCallan
  136. Nicola Jayne
  137. No Trays Or Foxes
  138. Not Above Evil
  139. Off Piste
  140. Onegirloneboy
  141. Otalgia
  142. Partyclub
  143. Pocket Hercules
  144. Positronik
  145. Purge
  146. Rayanne Sutcliffe
  147. Rebecca Roberts
  148. Red Spektor
  149. Red Stars
  150. Ren Harveiu
  151. Richie Syrett
  152. Rita Baugh
  153. Rose Greenwood ft Mick
  154. R-Y-A-N
  155. Ryan Jarvis
  156. Sam Moran
  157. Sam Westhead
  158. Saturday Morning Cartoons
  159. Savage Jaw
  160. Scott Lloyd
  161. Scuttler
  162. Sean Moore
  163. Searu
  164. Shades of Avalon
  165. Shauna Mackin
  166. Sky Valley Mistress
  167. Skye Ladder
  168. Sophie
  169. Soul Saboteur
  170. Spiral Scouts
  171. Stalagmites
  172. Steel Threads
  173. Stilts Foster
  174. Sturle Dagsland
  175. Subliminal Movement
  176. Suzie Does It
  177. Suzuki Method
  178. Talk Show Host
  179. Taser Puppets
  180. Taylor Jackson
  181. Ten Eyed Man
  182. The 86’d
  183. The Ambersons
  184. The Anecdotes
  185. The Ascension
  186. The Boom Da Da Booms
  187. The Calamities
  188. The Contact High
  189. The Cornelius Crane
  190. The Days
  191. The Delaplains
  192. The Duel
  193. The High Nines
  194. The Jane and Mike Band
  195. The Jar Family
  196. The King’s Parage
  197. The Logicals
  198. The Minx
  199. The Moods
  200. The Novasuns
  201. The Ordinary
  202. The Ruby’s
  203. The Senior’s
  204. The Sett
  205. The Slow Readers Club
  206. The Stetsons Electric
  207. The Suns
  208. The Torn
  209. The Words
  210. The Young Vanish
  211. Three Minute Hero
  212. Tiki Black
  213. Tony Walsh (aka Longfella)
  214. Trojan Horse
  215. Velodrome
  216. Viola Beach
  217. Whipcord
  218. Without Andrew
  219. Words Escape Me
  220. Wrecks
  221. Wtchrs
AAAK Cover
AAAK are one the first night acts playing at Sacred Trinity Church

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