Aural Delights Podcast 43

It has been a busy old last couple of weeks music wise with new albums from Moff Skellington,  Boxhead and Gloves (members of Da Mutts are in this band and I’ll be playing the album in the next podcast), Fall Fan Dave and The Laptop Dancers, and Kill Pretty (sadly on the latter I am not authorised to share it with you as yet). Add to that the Beggars Banquet release of the latter run of the albums they released by The Fall – ie. The Frenz Experiment, I am Kurious Oranj and Seminal Live – coupled with all the singles and EPs of that period –  and you have a busy period of contemplation, listening and eventually reviewing.

September is upon us and brings with it the Salford Music Festival so this weeks podcast begins with a tentative dip into some of the 200+ artists that are playing over the four days at the end of the month. The next three podcasts after this one will build up to the event by featuring many of the acts that are playing. For the start of my day to day guide of the Festival see here.

The featured record lable is Italian independent imprint  “Bloody Sound Fucktory” which offers a wealth of excellent free downloads. All the albums featured are some five years old but the material is exceptional and I shall be checking out the current output of these bands.

There was also a significant amount of music hanging around from the last few shows that needed to be aired so this podcast is a bit of an end of summer round up.

I have tried to keep the shows below 90 minutes but sometimes this is not possible given the vast amount of music that comes in – this one runs at just around 2 hours.

There is no chat from me this time due to other commitments – it’s an all music mix.

So this time around we have:

  1. Jesus Franco and the Drogas – Nazi Surfers Must Die
  2. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Timelord Waiting To Happen
  3. Babakin – She Rasp In Native Tongue
  4. The Masterbakers – Cynical Song
  5. We Don’t Surf – Won’t You Love Me
  6. Lebowski – Casa Comenji
  7. Moff Skellington – Hydrothermal Vents
  8. Babakin – Veronica
  9. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Meridian Fried
  10. Welles – Snow In June
  11. Butcher Mind Collapse – Holy Weekend
  12. Staggs – Staggs Are Nice (Vicar’s House Mix)
  13. Babakin – Too Many Academics in Showbiz
  14. The Masterbakers – Heavy Kettle
  15.  Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Maglev to anywhere but Essex
  16. Moff Skellington – Fetch The Doctor
  17. Neil Young – L.A.
  18. The Fall – L.A.
  19. Babakin – Posh Punks
  20. Moff Skellington – Cripplestring
  21. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Ain’t Got The App
  22. The Relics – Song 4
  23. The Masterbakers – Sometimes
  24. Babakin – Comedy
  25. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Bad Luck Charming
  26. Blue Orchids – Release
  27. Staggs – Staggs Say No
  28. Guinea Pig – Megamouth
  29. The Junta – Eat My Dust (Cosworth Mix)
  30. Babakin – Polished Latino/Onside
  31. 10Take – Poets and the Thieves
  32. Candidate23 – Recurring Dreams
  33. Andy Doonan – Here You Are
  34. AAAK – Memorial Song
  35. The Fall – Bremen Nacht

The show can be streamed from Mixcloud

Background info on the turns:

  1. From the album “Get Free Or Die Tryin'” – Italian Garage Rockers – Facebook
  2. From the fortcoming album “Beat On The Moans”
  3. Live at the Breeding Ground in Rhyl in 2001 – the second part of the concert from last weeks podcast
  4. From the band’s Reverbnation page.
  5. From the band’s Bandcamp page
  6. From “The Best Love Songs of the love for the songs and the best” – a Polish band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive music.
  7. From the new album “Skegness” – I shall be reviewing the album soon.
  8. as 3.
  9. as 2.
  10. From “Ultimate Dollar Oblivion” – Italian avant rockers.
  11. From “Sick Sex And Meat Disaster In A Wasted Psychic Land” – more Italian rock madness – website.
  12. From “Stagg Party” – Staggs are Paul Ridley (Leeds) and Michael T Scott (London). “Creative oddball DIY alt-hop, with a punk attitude and an oblique point to make”.
  13. as 3.
  14. as 4.
  15. as 2.
  16. as 7.
  17. From “Time Fades Away” – classic live Young – the bravest and most painfully honest albums of his career?
  18. From “This Nations Saving Grace” from one L.A. to another – oft regarded as The Fall’s finest album – I disagree, but it’s up there in the top five.
  19. as 3.
  20. as 7.
  21. as 2.
  22. From “Pilgrim Soul” EP – last weeks featured band.
  23. as 4.
  24. as 3.
  25. as 2.
  26. From “Agents of Change” – 1982 and Una’s last recording with the band.
  27. as 12.
  28. From “Guinea Pig 2” – 2008 release on “Bloody Sound Fucktory”
  29. Demo remix from young Monty…..
  30. as 3.
  31. From “Poets and the Thieves/Tormentor” – from Sheffield – the band play Salford Music Festival on 29th September at The Salford Arms on Chapel Street. You can access this release from Bandcamp.
  32. From “Recurring Dreams” EP – Also at the Salford Music Festival on the 29th September – this time at the White Horse at Gilda Brook (not far from HalfEdge HQ).  More information at their website.
  33. From “Sky On Fire” – plays the Waggon and Horses, Irlam O’Th Height on 27th September – more info on his website
  34. From “Building Scape Beats XXV” – nestling neatly between their Dutch adventures and supporting The Pixies in Eastern Europe Salford’s finest proponents of hard driving electronic rock (with added Seth) play Sacred Trinity Church, Blackfriars on 26th September (with Big Unit).
  35. From “The Frenz Experiment” – and also recently re-released as part of the “5 Albums” Box Set on Beggars Banquet.


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