World of Jazz 43 – Herbie vs. Miles

This time around a compare and contrast exercise of some of the Herbie Hancock compositions that were originally performed by the Miles Davis Quintet and then re-recorded on Herbie’s solo albums “Speak Like A Child” and “The Prisoner” – in between music from the two protagonists from other releases…….two of tracks from the Davis sessions are rehearsal takes which were unreleased until the Quintet 1965-’68 box set came out and have breaks and some mutterings from Miles but are well worth a listen.

  1. Herbie Hancock – I Have A Dream
  2. Miles Davis – Riot
  3. Herbie Hancock – Speak Like A Child
  4. Miles Davis – But Not For Me
  5. Herbie Hancock – The Sorceror
  6. Miles Davis – I Have A Dream (Rehearsal)
  7. Herbie Hancock – Riot
  8. Miles Davis – Speak Like A Child (Rehearsal)
  9. Herbie Hancock – Dolphin Dance
  10. Miles Davis – The Sorceror

You can stream the podcast from Mixcloud

The sources of the music are:

  1. The Prisoner
  2. 1965-’68 The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet
  3. Speak Like A Child
  4. So What : The Complete 1960 Amsterdam Concerts
  5. as 3.
  6. as 2.
  7. as 3.
  8. as 2.
  9. Maiden Voyage
  10. as 2.

Miles and Herbie

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