Restraining myself from thoughts of Grogan……..

Let me say from the outset that there are too many bands in Greater Manchester-land. I mean how the hell is a chap supposed to keep some sort of control over the ceaseless output of material, gigs, promotion etc ?. You find yourself overwhelmed by choices and end up doing nowt.

Never one to align myself to any one genre it’s damn difficult trying to keep up at times. And the other thing is the bands don’t tend to last that long – relatively short life spans they have – and then the various members are off to other agglomerations, that’s if they weren’t doing so already. So you are just about to write a lengthy treatise on how good they are and you realise they have buggered off to pastures new. Hey ho — just thought I’d point that out.

Which is pretty ironic really given the apparent shortage of decent drummers for hire in the conurbation. If any drummers living elsewhere in the UK want to head north i’m sure you’ll find plenty of work.

Anyway, it being Saturday night, and  not wishing to watch the X-Factory (sic) and there being very little else of merit on the goggle box, and always in search of new music to feature via pod or blog,  I chanced, whilst Facebooking,  upon a recommendation by Phil  Lewis of Rapid Pig regarding a band called Ten Mouth Electron so I surfed over to Bandcamp to find that they – whoever they are – appear to have a new EP out. And I say “whoever” with some degree of petulance as they appear to be one of those bands that does not want to reveal who they are – despite extensive scouring of the internet. No doubt one of my musician or DJ chums will enlighten me in due course.

Notwithstanding my moaning I have to say that they are very good indeed. Coming across as the mutant offspring of The Cramps, Moon Duo and The Shadows, with a dash of declamatory Manc swagger on the opener and title track “Happy Birthday (Bang Bang) ” I was immediately impressed by the afro-kraut drumming, the swirling space rock  synths and the scabrous riffing from the guitars, topped off with a Marvinesque lead line. Of course men of a certain age can’t help but think of Claire Grogan when post punk songs about birthdays are about – but I restrained myself – just.

And here’s a thing, I thought I caught a glimpse of Gong in the music, which is more apparent in the second tune “Daemons”, a tune that also nods towards post-hit Arthur Brown, and, contains  a small pinch of Edgar Broughton via Dikmik/Del Dettmar all together with a jolly old singalong stylee.  A glorious racket say I – a wealth of abandoned joyousness.

Track 3 is called “Lite Slit” and starts of all ambient and chittery with filtered/reversed sounds whipping across the sound-scape before layers of glid guitars float about and the sound slows and morphs. To be honest I got a bit distracted wondering what it would sound like if it was played back to front and did not find it as compelling at the rest of the EP.

Closing track “Hate Week At The Coven” is back on course with some excellent percussion, sharp guitaring and more call and response type thing in the old vocals there. Nearest comparison I can make locally is “Salford Media City” which makes me ponder on the members of this rocking combo.

Anyway it’s all rather fine and you can grab it from Bandcamp.


This leads me neatly onto the debut gig of the aforementioned which was at Fuel in Withington in August 2012 and featured some other bands I had not heard of before – Butchers, Blood Sport, and Champion Lover. I shall now spend the rest of the evening listening to those and report back at a later date. Providing they haven’t split up and formed 15 new bands by the time I get around to it.

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