Salford Music Festival 2013 Preview Part 3 – Saturday 28th

In part 3 of my guide to the Salford Music Festival we have reached a very busy Saturday. As usual please note that the acts, times and venues may change so please check the main website before setting out.

  • We kick off as usual at the Ashley Brook on Liverpool Street from 8:45 pm you can see The Ordinary, The Anecdotes and The 86’d.
  • Deli Lama at Bexley Square has a packed afternoon and evening with Acoustic acts including – Amy Louise Faulkner, Jasmine Kennedy, The Young Vanish, Glyn Bailey, A Means To An End, and Louis Brookes
  • There is another Acoustic stage at the Dock Bar at Media City from 5pm with Louis Brookes, Girl Peculiar, Lucy Mae, and Tony Walsh until 20:45pm. From 9pm there is a TICKETED VIP DJ Session with Dave Haslam and Graeme Park.
  • From 8:15pm at The Eagle Inn you can see Rebecca Roberts, The Jane and Mike Band followed by Bell In The Birches. There will be an after party from 11pm at this venue.
  • An afternoon event at Greengate Square will feature Jess Roberts (1pm) and Johnathon Tarplee (2pm)
  • It will be a busy evening at the Salford Arms with music from The Days, The Moods, The Torn, Leigh Freda and LVLS
  • Stage One at The Black Lion will see music from Barry Lawton, Sean Moore, Sophie and MyLyricalMind. Stage Two will feature an eclectic mix with Meriel Malone, More Trees Please, Dislocation Dance and Trojan Horse. I would recommend this venue for the evening as the mix is very good indeed.
  • For it’s first show of the weekend The Crescent will feature Siren Sounds and the Salford Hip Hop Community.
  • The New Inn will feature Goodnight Astor and Lucy Mae.
  • Back to Chapel Street and the New Oxford will feature Nickey McCallan, Arcane 39, and Kowloon City. The website says that Taser Puppets are playing but I am informed by the band that they are not.
  • Three bands are on at The Park Inn in Monton – Viola Beach, Off Piste and PartyClub.
  • The Red Lion will see performances from Arran George, Stilts Foster and Flossie.
  • Up at the Height in the Wellington can you see Journal-Keepers, The Novasuns and The High Nines.
  • It’s going to be a busy day at the White Horse at Gilda Brook with from 6:30pm  stage one featuring  John Mackie, Shauna Mackin, Rita Baugh, Richie Syrett, Otalgia and The Inca Babies.  From 1pm on stage two you will be able to catch The Calamities, The Jar Family, The Logicals, La Godiva, Mobius Loop, Miss Lucid, Caleidra, Girl Peculiar, Red Stars, and Purge. This is my recommended venue of the day. A stunning line-up!
  • There will be an Acoustic stage at the Waggon and Horses with appearances from April Keen, Rebecca Roberts, and Acoustic John.
  • Wangies will have an alternative music day commencing at 5:30pm with a great line-up of Letters from Grace, The Ascension, Busik Mase, Sturle Dagsland, Red Spektor, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Last of the Dogs, and Moose Patrol.

On balance a fantastic day of live music and some particularly fine acts on in the Greater Eccles area…….

The Ascension appear at Wangies on Saturday evening
The Ascension appear at Wangies on Saturday evening

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