Aural Delights Podcast 44 – Salford Music Festival Preview #1

It’s that time of year again when the world of music descends en masse on the City of Salford. This years festival runs from 26th to 29th September and featured on this podcast (the first of a series) is a selection of the artists who are playing with the notes telling you when and where.

This is a music only mix this week due to other commitments

In addition further tracks from the forthcoming third album by Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers, some Moff from the new release Skegness, tracks from the new releases from Kayo Dot, Esmerine and Land of Kush, plus a classic track from The Moodists.

  1. The Inca Babies – Plenty More Mutants
  2. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – The Loudness of the Mobile Phone User
  3. Esmerine – Learning to Crawl
  4. Land of Kush – Sharm El Bongo
  5. The Moodists – Chad’s Car
  6. Sky Valley Mistress – Baby Ruthless
  7. Mr Heart – Vacuum Head
  8. Moff Skellington – William Island
  9. Kayo Dot – And He Built Him A Boat
  10. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Introspective Vertigo
  11. Factory Acts – Animal Spirits
  12. Taser Puppets – Broken Dolls
  13. Esmerine – Lost River Blues 1
  14. Dysphonia – Shivers
  15. Footprints in the Custard – Heat of the Moment
  16. Stalagmites – The Blue Rose
  17. Suzuki Method – Country Cousins
  18. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Be My Forty Thieves
  19. Stuntman Mike – Promise
  20. The Moods – Hope
  21. Land of Kush – Mobil Nil
  22. Esmerine – Lost River Blues 2
  23. The Ascension – Drowning in the Drought

And you can listen to the mix on Mixcloud


  1. From the “This Train” album. The band play the White Horse Stage One on the 28th September.
  2. From the forthcoming album “Beat On The Moans”
  3. From the forthcoming album “Dalmak”
  4. From the forthcoming album “The Big Mango”
  5. From the compilation “Two Fisted Art”
  6. From the EP “The Best Thing You’ve Never Heard” – the band play The Wellington at Irlam O’ The Height on the 29th September.
  7. From “The Unspeakable Mr Heart” – the band play The Wellington also but on the 27th September. I think is Sophie’s last gig with them so not the be missed.
  8. From the new album “Skegness”
  9. From the new album “Hubardo”
  10. as 2.
  11. The most recent single – they play The New Oxford on 26th September
  12. From “Twisted Pop” – they play Lower Kersal Social Club on 27th September
  13. as 3.
  14. From “Who Ate All The Pigeons” – they play Wangies on 27th September
  15. From “Good Honest Scumbags” – they play Wangies on 26th September
  16. From “Be An Animal” – they play White Horse Stage 2 on 29th September
  17. The recent single – they play Islington Mill on 27th September
  18. as 2.
  19. Alternative rock band from the “vibrant murkiness” (it says here) that is Glasgow, Scotland. They release this new single in October. The single will be accompanied by a video which sees the band enjoying a trip on Glasgow’s subway inspired by the video for The Police’s 1978 single ‘So Lonely’. It’s taken from the forthcoming album Triangles that was produced and mixed by Stuart Mcredie, who has previously worked with Belle & Sebastian, The Fratellis, and Kelly Clarkson. Mastering by Calum Malcolm who has also worked with a number of established Scottish artists such as Deacon Blue and Simple Minds.
  20. Demo track.  Play Salford Arms 28th September. Many of my chums reckon this is single of the year for 2013.
  21. as 4.
  22. as 3.
  23. From the latest single – the cheerful twosome play Wangies on 28th September.
Sky Valley Mistress
Sky Valley Mistress

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