Aural Delights Podcast 45 – Salford Music Festival Preview #2

As with last week a goodly part of the proceedings are taken up with tunes from artists playing at this years Salford Music Festival which runs from 26th-29th September…..this is the second of three previews…..add to that further tunes from the new Fall Fan Dave album, the new EP from Electric Alice – a band which has sadly split up, some new singles, a moment from the incomparable Moff,  and a classic bit of proggery from Mr Hillage and you have just under 90 minutes of Aural loveliness….


  1. Silver Sound Explosion – Falling Down Blues
  2. Death to the Strange – Openshaw Blues
  3. Hot Fiction – Body Barely Touching Mine
  4. Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Ratner’s Revenge
  5. Electric Alice – Apache War Dance
  6. Girl Peculiar – Destiny
  7. Conquer Rio – Down From Mars
  8. Exchange – Skyline
  9. Journal Keepers – Stay Fools
  10. Moff Skellington – A New Town Under The Lake
  11. Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Rosacea
  12. Hot Fiction – No Soul
  13. Bo Weavil – John Brown’s Dream
  14. Luna Marada – The Honk
  15. Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Peruse Your Eternal Home
  16. Electric Alice – Coffin Joe
  17. My Lyrical Mind – Drop Me A Line
  18. Stags – Love Will Delay
  19. Monday’s Company – Through The Night
  20. Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Let The Masses Get On With Their Lives
  21. Electric Alice – Johnny Cash Is Jesus
  22. The Superman Revenge Squad – A Funny Thing You Said
  23. Soul Saboteur – Somewhere There’s A Light On
  24. Stags – Stealing My Heart
  25. Electric Alice – The Creeping Ritual
  26. Steve Hillage – The Salmon Song

You can stream the show from Mixcloud……


  1. New demo from Ben
  2. The forthcoming single – Salford Music Festival Appearance : Islington Mill Friday 27th September
  3. From “Apply WIthin” – two piece band, very impressive – Salford Music Festival Appearance : The Wellington , The Height Friday 27th September.
  4. From the forthcoming album “Beat On The Moans”
  5. From the next release on Dogs Got A Bone Records and by a band who have just split up. Col from the lable says “Electric Alice, in my opinion, had the lot to make their mark on the music industry. They had the image, youth, attitude and, most importantly, the music to prick up more than a few ears. The Electric Alice Xperiment EP was recorded at the tail end of 2012 in the fantastic studios at Edinburgh College. We had penned in a release date for May of this year but the band had split by then and subsequent attempts to patch up their differences have, sadly, failed. I was determined this EP would get released and was delighted the band agreed to let me put it out on a “pay what you want” deal on the DGAB Bandcamp site. I don`t like to describe the music before you get the chance to hear it, but if you like your guitar music raw, sleazy and timeless, then i`m sure you`ll agree this EP was too good to go to waste”. You can stream or download the EP from here
  6. A previous single. Salford Music Festival Appearance : Dock Bar and The White Horse Saturday 28th September.
  7. Salford Music Festival Appearance : The Duke of York, Eccles Saturday 28th September
  8. From the Seconds Album also playing The Duke of York, Eccles Saturday 28th September
  9. Salford Music Festival Appearance ; The Wellington, The Height Saturday 28th September
  10. From the new album “Skegness”
  11. as 4.
  12. as 3.
  13. Salford Music Festival Appearance : The New Oxford Thursday 26th September.
  14. as 7.
  15. as 4.
  16. as 5.
  17. Salford Music Festival Appearance : The Black Lion Saturday 28th September.
  18. New Single
  19. Salford Music Festival : The Wellington, The Height 27th September
  20. as 4.
  21. as 5.
  22. New single
  23. as 13.
  24. New Single
  25. as 5.
  26. From the classic “Fish Rising” album.

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