Variations on Josephine

Flies On You

Josephine Remix EP


18th September 2013

Another one i’ve had my messy little digits all over, with track 3 on said artefact being my mutilation of the chaps stems. Doug says he likes it so that’s good enough for me.

The story is that one Tom Robinson, playing the original release on his show, suggested to the duo that they should release the track as a  single/EP with some remixes. So not to do things by halves FOY have assembled nine remixes together with the radio edit of the original beast and it’s available for free download with added bonus of a video which features mug shots of contributors including a couple of DJ chaps of my acquaintance, and the omnipresent Luis Drayton naturally.

There are some rather excellent re-interpretations of the original piece giving the listener enough variety to require listening to the whole thing from end to end.

All rather marvellous say I so get in there and grab it……lots of info about the re-mixers and their own work are in the individual track pages

More info at

FOY Josephine

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