Sonic Attack Podcast 21

This weeks another enormous chunk of new music and closing with a classic portion of metal …..and just over half way through something from Uncle Frank More information on some of these artists and news about what they are up to can be found on the new companion Eclectic Blog……..

  1. When The Deadbolt Breaks – The Woods Are Full Of Killers
  2. Bone Sickness – Submit To Decay
  3. The Body – The Blessed Lie Down And Writhe In Agony
  4. Buckshot Facelift – Fergus The Engorger
  5. Down The Machine – Everything That I Am Not
  6. Enemy Reign – Realm Of The Hungry Ghost
  7. Nightbitch – Chainmaker
  8. Sannhet – Slow Ruin
  9. Frank Zappa – Chunga’s Revenge
  10. Inherit the Stars – Ground Zero
  11. Imperial Trumphant – Manifesto
  12. Secrets of the Sky – Sunrise
  13. When The Deadbolt Breaks – The Scavengers Daughter
  14. Black Sabbath – Snowblind

As usual the podcast can be streamed from Mixcloud

  1. From the forthcoming album “Drifting Towards The Edge Of The Earth”
  2. Alone In The Grave – 20 Buck Spin- Released: 30 April 2013
  3. Master, We Perish – At A Loss Recordings – Released: 30 April 2013
  4. Elder’s Rasp – Self-Released – Released: 1 February 2013
  5. Free Download
  6. Tormented To Oblivion – Self-Released – Released: 15 May 2013
  7. Chainmaker EP – Ear One Productions – Released: 26 March 2013
  8. Known Flood – Sacrament Music  – Released: 19 February 2013
  9. Chunga’s Revenge
  10. New Single – Broadcasting the final chapter of the bands apocalyptic themed Orbis Trilogy of video singles, Sheffield’s (UK) alt/metalcore outfit Inherit The Stars announce the release of their latest single ‘Ground Zero’ as a free download track. With previous singles taken from the bands acclaimed 2013 debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’, the hotly tipped British rock act unleash ‘Ground Zero’ as a new and previously unheard offering from the band.Pathing their reputation as an exciting young band with an explosive sound thats mixes metal-core, pop punk, alternative rock and post-hardcore, Inherit The Stars members Daniel Jeffery (Vox), Chris Brayshaw (Guitar), Theo Egginton (Guitar), Lewis Wild (Bass) now welcome new member Jordan Rabjohn (Drums) to complete their new line up. With new material and releases already in the pipeline, the Yorkshire 5 piece continue to build upon their momentum.Catch them live at Sheffield’s 02 Academy 2 on 21st September. Watch Ground Zero Free Download Connect with Inherit The Stars at and
  11. Single – Bandcamp
  12. Kolony Records will release SECRETS OF THE SKY‘s anticipated debut album, To Sail Black Waters, throughout Europe on October 4th and 5th and in North America on October 8th.
  13. as 1
  14. From Sabbaths’ Greatest Hits


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