Aural Delights Podcast 46 – Salford Music Festival Preview Part 3

Well it all starts today (26th September) and what better way to celebrate the Salford Music Festival than to feature a selection of the bands/singers that are playing over the next four days. This being the third of three shows dedicated to this years proceedings.

Amongst those I also have tracks from the excellent new album from The Dames, some more Fall Fan Dave, your weekly dose of Moff-ness, a new one from the Crab Dance GIs, and lots of other lovely stuff…..

  1. Vijay Iver and Mike Ladd – Capacity (Lynn, Bronx)
  2. The Mob – Rise Up
  3. Wrecks – Arms
  4. Dislocation Dance – I Stop Breathing
  5. The Inflictors – Way Down In The City
  6. LVLS – Glory
  7. Hot Vestry – Lake Of the Moon
  8. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers – Svengali
  9. The Dames – All Mine
  10. Black Sonic Revolver – The Way That I Do
  11. Moff Skellington – The Simpleton’s Friendly Boat
  12. Drunken Forest – Halfway House
  13. Hey Bulldog – I Need You Alone
  14. John Mackie – Holy Water
  15. Junction23 – Thieves
  16. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers – It’s Alright We’re In Love
  17. The Dames – Wait
  18. Fiies On You – Josephine (Passage of Time Remix)
  19. Joe Thomas – An Angel And A King
  20. No Trays or Foxes – All There Is
  21. Otalgia – Jester
  22. Drunken Forest – Epiphunny
  23. Positronik – Game of Chances
  24. Modern Alarms – Rainbow Gates
  25. Kit B – Binary
  26. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers  – Dya Eva Wonder
  27. The Dames – Eve
  28. Soul Saboteur – Somewhere There’s A Light On
  29. Purge – Song for George
  30. Blue Orchids – Thirst
  31. The Dames – Dudley
  32. Crab Dance GIs – TV21
  33. Drunken Forest – Knocking Down A Scarecrow Made to Measure
  34. Last of the Dogs – Bones
  35. Moose Patrol – 41
  36. The Dames – Auntie Aviator
  37. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers – Wear My Head A While
  38. The Brakes – More Trees Please
  39. Fflaps – Dilyn Dylan
  40. The Mob – There’s Nothing You’ve Got I Want
  41. Tim Blake – Synthese Intemporal
  42. King Crimson – Starless

As usual you can stream the podcast from Mixcloud

Notes and stuff

  1. From the new album “Holding It Down : The Veterans’ Dreams Project” – the latest album to emerge from the longtime collaboration of Grammy-nominated pianist / composer Vijay Iyer and poet / performer / librettist / emcee Mike Ladd. Three years in the making, the new work focuses on veterans of colour from the last decade’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Holding It Down is a thought-provoking, sometimes frightening, and ultimately exhilarating combination of music, poetry and song, created from the actual dreams of young veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  2. The first single from The Mob in 30 years – from the All The Madmen Lable.
  3. Playing Salford Music Festival on 29th September at the New Oxford at 22:15
  4. Playing Salford Music Festival on 28th September at the Black Lion (Stage 2) at 21:15
  5. Played in the vain hope that they will get back to gigging soon.
  6. LVLS are a Manchester rock/pop quintet. They play Salford Arms on 28th September as part of the Salford Music Festival.
  7. The big new band from Macclesfield who play Salford Arms on 27th September as part of the Salford Music Festival.
  8. From the fortcoming album “Beat On The Moans”
  9. From the self titled new album which I reviewed here.
  10. Playing the Salford Music Festival – at The Hope on 26th February
  11. From the new album “Skegness”
  12. Drunken Forest is a project from São Paulo, created by guitarist Biaggio Vessio. All compositions are by Biaggio Vessio, who plays guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, sampling and programming, with Thiago Miotto on tenor saxophone.
  13. Playing Black Lion (Stage 2) on 26th September as part of the Salford Music Festival.
  14. Playing Stage One at the White Horse on 28th September as part of the Salford Music Festival.
  15. Playing the White Horse on 29th September as part of the Salford Music Festival.
  16. as 7.
  17. as 8.
  18. The new EP is out with loads of remixes – it’s free – and this remix is by……me!
  19. At the New Oxford on the 29th as part of Salford Music Festival.
  20. Also on the 29th at Stage One at the Black Lion
  21. Playing at the White Horse on the 28th on Stage One.
  22. as 11
  23. Playing the Salford Arms on the 26th.
  24. as 22
  25. as 22
  26. as 7.
  27. as 8.
  28. Playing the New Oxford on the 26th.
  29. Playing the White Horse Stage 1 on the 28th
  30. Extracted from the Angels Are Coming cassette
  31. as 8.
  32. A new track from Danny and Craig.
  33. as 11.
  34. All the way from Crewe and playing Wangies on 28th September.
  35. Also playing Wangies on the 28th.
  36. as 8.
  37. as 7.
  38. A new one from this Manchester band
  39. Featuring Ann Matthews – currently a member of Blue Orchids – from the Amhersain album.
  40. As 2.
  41. From the ground breaking “Crystal Machine” album.
  42. Pleased to see Mr Fripp has announced the return of King Crimson – from “The Great Deceiver”


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